Fear and famine

My guides have shown me that one of the problems people face currently is fear that is tied to the past, likely a past life. And it’s coming up now to be resolved.

You see there were several periods of time where famine was a serious issue and many people lost their lives because of it…millions in fact. Check out 10 Terrible Famines in History.

How do you know if this is an issue for you? Take a look at your own habits. Do you find yourself hoarding food…not just when a snowstorm/hurricane is expected but on regular days when there’s no immediate threat of being unable to go out and get food.

How do you know you were there during that time? Does any of the listed famines in history spark a twinge of anger in you? Does it resonate on some level? Do you feel drawn to find out more about it? These are all clues that a past life is affecting your current life and your habits.

The Universe has its own plan and right now we are all being asked to step up and do our share to help make this world a better place. Shedding our fears whether from this life or a past one is part of that solution because it’s healing. As you release fears you allow more love into your heart. More love equals peace on Earth. And that is what you’re here for. ♥️

Photo courtesy of Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash.

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