Turn your thinking around

Perhaps many of you will finally realize that you hold the power within yourselves to make this world a better place to live. That you were born to be happy. Perhaps you’ll be more rested, enlightened or have a change of perspective.

Perhaps you will have had new ideas or blinding clarity. Perhaps you’ll realize that a pandemic and fear frenzy by the mass media won’t hold you back from the very missions that you came here to do…and that this only helps guide you there.

Perhaps you’ll understand why this is happening in the first place. It’s about shining massive light on the darkness as no stone will be left unturned. And while it’s not easy to watch especially as it affects many of those you love, it is part of a much bigger plan. All of life on Earth really is.

Just because you can’t see the complete truth yet, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Everything does happen for a reason. Darkness gets exposed, people come together for a cause. It’s about love…it always has been…love of self, love of neighbors and love of planet. For when there is love there is peace.

And as a new day comes and the sun comes out again, you can be certain that you are glad to see another day. For these are extraordinary times but you were meant to be here. And like many things, this too shall pass. But you will be stronger and wiser no matter what’s happening in this very moment. For you are loved wholeheartedly from the heavens above, your Angels and Spirit Guides. ♥️

Photo courtesy of Laurenz Kleinheider on Unsplash.

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