April 6, 2020 – Over the coming months

Over the years many of you have tried to do something different. You’ve tried to relocate or land a new job. You’ve also desired some permanency for those that have shuffled around a lot. Perhaps you’ve been looking at planting some roots yet kept getting uprooted.

This had more to do with the original mission you signed up for. This was part of Phase One but that phase has officially ended as of March 31st. The pandemic is what is kicking off Phase Two.

Phase Two is where everything changes. This is where you finally catch a break. It’s when you can finally do what you’ve longed to do. It’s when you’ll finally meet someone if you’ve been alone and isolated. It’s when a new idea will pop into your head and you’ll receive guidance to make it reality.

It’s when you’ll finally get the job you’ve wanted. It’s when you’ll finally be able to move to a location that feels like home. It’s when a lot of great things will finally begin to line up which will make you hopeful once again.

It will bring a renewed sense of life and purpose. It’ll bring passion and determination. This is the stuff that fairy tales are made from. It’ll feel like pixy dust was just sprinkled on your life. And in many ways it will have.

But you need to be willing to face that which no longer serves you and let it go. You need to let go of all outdated beliefs and generational conditioning. You need to follow your heart and dance to the beat of your own drum.

This next phase takes courage to step into THE role that you came here to fulfill…not the one the Universe needed you to play in order to get everyone on board. As such, many roles are and will change in the months ahead.

People that were in the spotlight previously may fade off into the distance to allow new souls to emerge. There will be new ways of thinking and doing things.

There will be a lot of goodness to come out of it as you assist the planet to get back to a peaceful place. Because that’s why you’re truly here…to find your truth, accept it and live it. For once you do you are in a state of bliss and have a general love for life. You will have passion and purpose. And all of that ushers in peace.

While not everyone will feel the effects all at once, some may take their time. Just know that you have people on the front lines that walk between the worlds of Heaven and Earth. They’ve been bringing you forward by holding light in place. These people will transition first as they’ve been called into Phase Two already as their knowledge and service is needed to carry all others forward.

For when things begin to shift in your life, you will know that all is truly well. That you were meant to be here. That you do have a purpose and there is a plan to help you see that.

Be true to yourself, be honest in your feelings, face your shadows and believe that anything is now possible because it is.

Photo courtesy of @goian on Unsplash.

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