Pink Full Moon Update

We’ve been in some heavy duty healing energy since the Full Moon. This shows up as old situations of people surfacing that you felt have “done you wrong” in some way. You’re able to see it from a new and clearer perspective thereby accepting and releasing it once and for all.

For instance, perhaps you’ve had an absent parent most or all of your life. Now you see the situation from a viewpoint where you were better off without them. You see that they were only doing what they were capable of doing at the time.

Or maybe you felt like reaching out to them and their reaction told you all you need to know. Maybe they ignored you and wanted nothing to do with you. Maybe they decided to make a go at it.

No matter what is coming up and with whom, the message is about healing and closure…one way or another. Whoever is meant to be in your life will be. Those who are not will either stay away or fade off into the background…it’s that simple.

It’s time to release all the “woulda, coulda, shoulda” mentalities and move forward. These people are part of your past…most should stay there. But see the lesson in the overall picture. Being without a certain parent meant you didn’t need them in your life. Think about it…what you know about them now, would they really have benefitted your life? Probably not.

In life, you get what and who you need in order to grow, learn and evolve. Those that run over you do so for a reason. Those that are absent are supposed to be. Those that hurt you the most teach you the most valuable lessons about yourself and your inner strength.

Think about that. Now release those that have “seemingly” hurt you in some way. Forgive those that you perceive that have “trespassed against you“. There is no more room in your life to harbor these feelings and this Pink Full Moon is helping you to see that. By the way, the color pink represents unconditional love…how appropriate.

Remember that you are loved from the Heavens Above. But it’s time to release all that no longer serves you and this Pink Full moon will help you do just that.

Photo courtesy of @adiulici on Unsplash.

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