Wild Turkey as an animal totem

Not that long ago I posted on social media about wild turkeys that showed up on my path and I’m reminded again about their message as an animal totem.

Wild turkeys have had a knack of providing me with new information. This past Christmas I received an unexpected check in the mail from a settlement that I had completely forgotten about. As I was driving I noticed the flock to my left.

Shortly thereafter, I was given the idea to “share the wealth“. I had received new ideas for gifts for my loved ones. But I was able to tap into their “needs” versus their “wants” which made for heartfelt gift giving.

On my most recent sighting, I was given clarity as I was struggling with finding a solution to a fairly big problem. That answer came through loud and clear not long afterwards. And while it wasn’t an option that I thought I would take, it was the option that was in my highest and best good.

And I’ll have you know that you can’t just breeze by wild turkeys without noticing them. Let’s face it, they make a statement with their presence. Of course it’s usually because we’re not accustomed to seeing wildlife in our daily travels as we have invaded their territory with construction of homes, etc.

But if you look at them, which they made me do because one of them was crossing the street as if he owned it, he did really because no one is out driving much right now, you’ll notice how striking they are. But the beauty of their feathers when they have their wings fully spread out is truly impressive.

They just have a very powerful stance as if to say that you are fully open and aware. You have everything you need within yourself and as you open up to your natural gifts…you automatically create abundance not only for yourself, but for those around you as well.

Based on my experiences, this is indeed true because no matter what you do, whether it’s gift giving or making decisions, you are ultimately effecting those around you.

So if you’re struggling with something and you’ve asked the Universe, your Angels or your guides to enlighten you with an answer and they send you wild turkeys…you can be certain that a resolution is forthcoming. So pay attention to your thoughts, ideas or words that literally just pop out of thin air because this is your guidance and these are your answers. Wild turkeys are simply the messenger.

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