Visual exercise to access the light within

When you’re feeling down and as if your outer world has turned against you. When you’re feeling as if you can’t find inner peace because it’s just too loud and chaotic. When you feel like there is no hope or can’t seem to find your purpose…try this exercise.

I did this while soaking in an epsom salt bath but you can do this anywhere as long as it’s quiet and you won’t be interrupted. That means shutting off any devices that ding, chime, tweet, ring or make any other sound.

Close your eyes and try to quiet your mind. Bring your focus to your internal being by shifting from external to internal. It may look like a hollowed out cave, that’s ok. It’s in this inner part of your core being where you’ll find a white cord running through the middle of your body from your root chakra at the base of your spine to your crown chakra on the top of your head. You may not see where it starts and where it ends and that’s ok.

Visually place both of your hands on this cord. You may suddenly see an image of yourself floating and filling up with white light. You may see that hollowed out cave inside of you fill up with white light. Go ahead and enjoy the moment. Sit with this for a while.

This cord is what connects us all to each other and to Source. This is your lifeline. This is your connection to the depths of your soul. This is your inner light and your power. That’s why when you grab ahold of it you may suddenly feel energized or ready to hit the ground running.

This is your chance to connect to that light within yourself. And when you do, you can expect to get new ideas, a change of perspective, an inner knowing for your next step, sudden peace and a calmness like no other and copious amounts of healing energy. Of course likely not all at once and perhaps not in that very moment but certainly in the days and weeks ahead.

Once you connect to this inner cord, you can go back as often as you want. Ideally you should do it when you feel drawn to it. Call it your “hand of God”, your angelic helper or your inner Jesus….or whatever names you go by. But this is YOURS.

So take time to tune into the light within, for in that light there is peace, joy, love and happiness. All you need is to go in and activate the process.

Photo courtesy of Paul Brennan on Pixabay.

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