Messages from mother nature for the week ahead

Something I have learned along the way is to pay attention to the signs that mother nature presents me with. Especially since animals live in the present moment and they are highly grounded. For me, they are clues to our ever shifting times.

Yesterday while I was out walking I spotted a turtle…I seem to see them a lot lately. To me the turtle represents how we are moving along on our journeys.

Last time I saw him or her it was a sign to rest. This time he was swimming along and every so often he would lift his head out of the water to see where he was going.

Turtles progress at a slow and steady pace. But the forward motion was a positive sign. Although we are being reminded to pause for a moment and take a look around to see if we’re going in the direction that we want to be heading in. If not, we can always change course.

Right afterwards I spotted a snake swimming gracefully across the top of the water. Honestly, I had no idea that they could swim.

I used to be scared of snakes until I learned their deeper meaning. And every time I see one it carries a new message. This time it’s about releasing fears and successfully making it to the the other side.

The theme here is the water element. Water represents the emotions. For many, this is a highly emotional time constantly being triggered by various events. There is a lot of upheaval and as such we are being reminded that we can get through this with grace and ease.

Many people are facing situations in their lives that are highly stressful. Not knowing how things will turn out on the other side is another trigger. But learn to let go of outcomes, stay in the now and have faith because slow and steady wins the race.

When we practice moving forward at a proper pace, things have a way of magically falling into place. When we try to force things to happen in our lives, we face barriers and setbacks.

So for the upcoming week, let’s pause for a moment like the turtle. Let’s get our head above the water and see where we’re truly going and ask ourselves if this is best for us or not. And then proceed accordingly.

Nature has a way of reminding us that we can get through anything and this is no different. And even though the energy has been highly challenging as have situations in our lives, it’s time to release ourselves from that and know that everything will work out in everyone’s best interest. Because the Universe always has a much bigger plan in place.

Photo courtesy of Maren G. Bergmann on Pixabay.

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