Face your fear

Over the past two weeks I’ve had very active dreams. My latest one was about three guys that were breaking into people’s homes and stealing stuff. When they showed up at my house, they wanted something so I said I’d go get it.

At that moment I ran upstairs, grabbed the baby and unlocked a serious of doors to get out. At the same time I was trying to remember the license plate because I knew the police were looking for these guys and they even had a special phone number to call if you spotted them.

But they were waiting for me outside and one of them pointed a gun at me. I stood there and told him to do it because I knew I’d be protected. He fired the shot, it grazed the left side of my head. I then called the phone number and gave them the information. Afterwards I woke up.

Dreams have a great way of helping us face something that we are struggling with. This dream literally says “face your fear” because you’re going to be ok. It may sting a little but you’re safe and protected. And it’s not just for me, it’s for everyone.

The three guys represent being pushed out of your home, your safe zone. Unlocking all the doors means pushing through to get out. Having the courage to get through the doors which were obstacles until now.

The baby represents something new that has been birthed and the need to protect it at all costs. That could be a new project, new career or a new perspective or opportunity. With something new comes fear. Fear of doing the right thing, fear of leaving others behind, fear of success and more.

Fear can stop a person dead in their tracks if they’re not careful. Fear is always an illusion. It’s something your mind has made up to try to protect you from getting hurt.

Let’s say you get a job offer in a new country. It’s the job you’ve been waiting for. It’ll give you more money and it’s in a location you’ve only dreamed about going to never really thinking that it could be possible.

Then the opportunity presents itself, you accept the new position and then it sinks in that you’d be leaving your family or your friends. You’d be leaving your comfort zone and that in itself can be a real challenge.

But how will you ever know if it’s right for you if you don’t try it? What if it’s the one thing that makes you happy? What if in that one location you then meet someone wonderful? What if you were surrounded by like minded people? What if the energy was really aligned with who you are now? All questions that you should be asking yourself.

Because in the end, life is about being happy. You can only be happy when you do things that make you happy. You can no longer live in fear because if you don’t take the wonderful opportunities that present themselves, then you’ll likely have regrets later. You’ll wonder what if.

Stand up. Be courageous. Face your fear and live the life that you desire. Because you deserve to be happy. And so it is.

Photo courtesy of Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay.

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