Eclipse energy

Today, I could feel this massive push forward…and I felt as though I was being pushed out of where I am. It reminded me of giving birth. Contraction, push, breathe and wait…then repeat.

I’ve learned that when you try to force something to happen that isn’t quite ready, you’ll get the feeling of being stuck. Or you’ll feel as though you just want to get this done and over with already. But you could end up in a repeated pattern if you don’t wait for the doorway to open up and allow the next step to flow naturally to you.

This is a cycle of rebirth that we’re heading into so it needs to play out in right timing. Having said that, you’re likely getting glimpses of your true soul purpose now. This means that things need to be in alignment in order for change to take place.

We’ve got 3 eclipses that we’re about to head into so the energy can be intense. How are you doing? How are you feeling? Hang in there cuz we’re just getting started.

Photo courtesy of Isabell in Pixabay.

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