Mid month check in

It’s truly funny how information comes through me. Here I am reading this article about how “Scientists detect unexpected widespread structures near Earth’s core“. And it had me thinking about what many are going through now…more specifically this paragraph…

University of Maryland geophysicists analyzed thousands of recordings of seismic waves, sound waves traveling through the Earth, to identify echoes from the boundary between Earth’s molten core and the solid mantle layer above it. The echoes revealed more widespread, heterogenous structures—areas of unusually dense, hot rock—at the core-mantle boundary than previously known.

Here’s what stood out to me…

Sound waves traveling through the Earth between the core and the layer above… unusually dense at the core.

Translation: we are accessing our cores and the layers from the core to the surface at this time. We are taking a deep inner dive through the “unusually dense” areas. This is kicking up a whole slew of things from wants and needs to fears and doubts.

Yes, there’s a lot of confusion in the air and for good reason. First, we’ve got eclipses happening. Second, Mercury is about to go retrograde. Third, we’ve got the Universe pushing us forward through energy downloads and all that light is shining on the dark. It’s showing us where and what we need to review, face and heal from.

And yet, there’s forward momentum…even amongst the chaos and confusion. This is all part of our “inner house cleaning” that we’re doing until the end of August.

Its where we evaluate what stays and what goes? What do we believe in and what don’t we believe in? Who supports us and who doesn’t? It’s time to let go of everything that keeps us disconnected from being in joy.

Having said that, there’s an awful lot of drama taking place where people could inadvertantly be pushing their agendas on you. They may think that they’re being helpful but more often than not it’s about trying to control a situation that “appears” to be spiraling out of control.

This is definitely a time to try to find your footing. It’s a time where you need to be true to yourself and stay in your own lane.

It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to walk away from that which no longer serves a purpose in your life. It’s ok to want more for yourself.

And the Universe is also making sure that we are getting crystal clear about what we want. It used to be that you get what you need. But now, you need to know what you want as your wants and needs are coming together.

It’s definitely another very active month energetically. Don’t be surprised by the strength and the courage that shows up when you need to take a step forward. See my What to expect in June 2020 for more.

This is also worth repeating from a previous post:

In a nutshell, whatever truly isn’t working for you is practically going to explode out of you and force you to change something. Or at the very least, it’s going to force you to face the truth of the situation.

And it all comes back to whatever we’re dealing with between the core of our beings and the surface. It’s a blending or a merging almost of the layers. We’re becoming as some would say…human 2.0. It’s an upgrade that’s for certain.

As a reminder, I’m watching the 16th, 22nd and 26th of June for energetic activity. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and MeWe as I will be posting updates as we go through the month.

Photo courtesy of Drew Beamer on Unsplash.

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