Angelic signs

I love it when things just magically line up. I went out to visit an old friend the other day and I had this urge to get her some flowers but I left it up to the Universe to decide the details.

As I was driving to her house, I had the sudden urge to pull off the highway and head over to Home Depot. As I perused their selection, I found a beautiful planter with purple flowers in an off white vase. As I kept looking around I kept getting drawn back to the purple flowers. So I bought them.

It turns out she had an awful lot of pink flowers at her house but no purple ones. Purple is a spiritual color, one of my favorites. It goes with the third eye chakra as it’s where your psychic visions travel through.

But what was even better was the sign I received after I had placed the flowers in the trunk. As I put the wagon back I spotted this license plate. License plates are one of the many ways for our Angels to communicate with us. 💞

Have you received nuggets of information from your guides on license plates? If so, what were they? Perhaps your sign could also help someone else. If you share a photo, please be sure to remove any identifying information like state and type of vehicle as posting license plates online could be illegal in some areas.

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