Opening up to being a psychic medium

One of the hardest things I have had to deal with is coming out of the psychic medium closet. I have spent many years testing it out on family and friends. So it’s not for a lack of trying or practicing.

It’s really more about learning to trust the information that’s coming through from my guides. Which was much easier than saying it out loud to someone. It sounded so much better in my head.

I often find myself asking the question, “Is this information correct?” Because part of this means that I’m putting myself out there and if the information is wrong then I feel I’m going to be judged or ridiculed. Honestly that’s more about my connection to a past life as a witch where I was likely persecuted for my beliefs. And also because I was bullied as a child because of my name.

In all seriousness, being a psychic is a slippery slope. It’s hard to tell someone something that you’re not sure of the information because you can’t verify it yet. So in my experience I have just had to put the information out there and see what happens.

Sure I don’t always get the information right and I’ve learned to accept that. Sometimes this has to do with my own beliefs, also known as filters, that are in place. Other times the information is actually related to someone other than the person I’m speaking to. Like a relative of them. Sometimes I simply don’t connect the dots.

Yet there are times when I am scary psychic. There are times when I can look at someone and know for certain what the issue is especially as it relates to health. And yet other times I get absolutely nothing. Being a psychic is a crap shoot.

Being a medium is also quite interesting. Depending on the spirit that’s coming through and how they connect with me will depend on the information that I can deliver. Some spirits I can speak to or connect to while other spirits send me visions. But the one thing that they don’t seem to do is send me symbols.

Although I recently had to ask someone about a friend of theirs because I kept seeing this bridge. It looked like a curved footbridge. Yet I kept hearing it was a “passing over”. And that was the key because it wasn’t a “crossing over”.

This meant that the person was in the process of passing because the bridge was in sight but they hadn’t passed yet because they weren’t on it yet. Which meant it was to take place soon…within three months…six tops (that was the feeling that I got).

Perhaps the bridge qualifies as a symbol but now I know exactly what it means. The more I allow myself to open up to the messages trying to come through, the more comfortable I feel.

But one thing is for certain, although it can be scary being a psychic medium, I do know that I’m a conduit and things need to be said no matter if I think they’re wrong or right. Because even if I hold back saying it, I get this massive inner push to say it anyways. But this is who I am…a spirit in a human body connecting to spirit through energetic channels. I’ve prepared all my life for this and many of you have too.

My hope is that you can learn through my own experiences and the challenges that I have faced, to help make it easier for you to use your natural talents as well.😊💞

Photo courtesy of skeeze on Pixabay.

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