Mercury Retrograde June 2020

If covid19 has taught me anything it’s that behind the scenes there has been a massive awakening on many levels. It’s like the magic wand of 2020… energetically speaking.

And now with this particular Mercury Retrograde starting smack dab in the middle of a very powerful eclipse season…it’s asking each of us to look at where in our lives that we may have lost our power or where we gave it away.

It’s asking us to reclaim that power and bring it back into our beings so that we can step forward renewed in our inner strength. We are reviewing those areas right now that need to be brought back to us.

Recently I learned that I was separated from my goddess power within. I had the power and lost it due to life’s circumstances. I’m literally being shown various moments from my past when I was connected to my power. These are times that I actually remember quite vividly. Times where I was highly connected to the Moon’s phases. A time that I am attempting to reconnect with now.

Somewhere along the line I decided that it wasn’t worth it because I am so different from those around me. I literally pushed my truth below the surface to fit in. How many of you have done this?

Sometimes we allow the relationships around us to dictate or define who we are. We must stop doing that and simply be ourselves without fear of repercussions. Not everyone will approve and that’s ok. I’ve learned that the only way to shine my light is to be the light that I know is true for me.

So do yourself a favor and really do a deep dive into who you are at your core. Look at what’s been surpressed so that you can move on. Because the blessing of Mercury Retrograde is it shows you your truth whether you want to see it or not. And it allows you to set yourself free if you don’t stuff what’s coming up to the surface back down.

Mercury retrograde is ripping us wide open so that we can see what needs to come with us going forward and what needs to be released. I’m right there with you making the changes in my own life as well. And I hope that you will continue to follow me as we all grow, learn and heal together so that we can be the best version of ourselves going forward….and do what we came here to do.

It’s time to love ourselves back to life. The wait is over and the time is now. Now is the time to reconnect with yourself and what you love doing. It’s time to feel the full effects of what life really has to offer you. It’s time to stop hiding your true self. Mercury being retrograde simple enhances that truth.

Photo courtesy of Adina Voicu on Pixabay.

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      1. I get excited when I come across another woman reclaiming her power, writing about it and using higher consciousness to benefit her overall👏
        The pleasure is mine, I’m happy to have discovered you. Are you new to WordPress?

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