Love matters

While the intensity has increased in the world as each side claws it’s way for it’s rightful position…the one thing that always comes back to my mind is…WHERE IS THE LOVE?

There is so much negativity in place. We are not here to judge others. We are here to seek out our truths…not point fingers at those who’s truths we don’t align with. Just because something is true for one, does not make it true for all.

Everyone is on a journey of self-discovery. On that journey you learn what you believe in and what you don’t. You learn that your truth can change daily, perhaps hourly.

You learn that you can see with a new set of eyes. You learn that you have intuition. You learn that there are two sides to people…there’s the side they feel inside from the heart and there’s the side they show…the human side.

You learn that your human self has been caught in belief systems passed down through the generations. You learn you are more than just a human. You learn that you have lessons and karma. You learn that there is a soul inside of you eagerly awaiting the moment that you recognize that you’ve got a different plan for your life.

And in that moment you realize that there’s a spark of passion inside of you. A spark that bears light. In that light you find purpose as you stumble along a new path. You discover a whole new world awaits you.

You discover a new love for life. With that discovery you begin to feel things in a new way. You realize that there’s a deeper connection to be had. You figure out that this connection can unite two people together in ways you never thought possible. You find your happiness and your joy.

And in that moment of happiness and joy, you realize that sides never mattered. That people’s opinions never mattered. That the fight to be right never mattered. That proving a point never mattered. That pointing fingers never mattered. Because in that moment…you are free.

Free to love and be loved. Free to understand that everyone has a journey and not everyone arrives at the same time. Free to be yourself. Free to accept what is. Free to live in the now. Free to choose your next step with passion and purpose. Free to live in a positive way by releasing all the things that no longer serve you. Free to see that we are all connected.

And in that connection you see the different viewpoints based on the current perceptions. You see the victim roles that people play. You see the truth that used to evade you.

You see that all things are possible. You see a much bigger plan in place. You see synchronicities and you know everyone is being guided by something much bigger than you. And in that moment you realize that everyone is like a star in the galaxy. All it takes is one star to shine it’s light brightly and the rest will follow suit.

That star is why you’re here. And regardless of how many earth lives you’ve had, and how many times you think you may have failed in your missions…you are here to succeed. You will win this time because the plan was designed that way.

You will win because you will find your truth. And in that truth you will find love…love for yourself, love of life, love of others, love of the Earth and Universe. For in that love you will see that love is truly all that ever mattered. 💖

Photo courtesy of Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash.

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  1. I have felt and seen a lot of authentic love messages today specifically. I posted my own on my IG of me reciting my poem “Simple love” because I felt called to do so. You and I know dear lady that our job here is to love, wholeheartedly and unapologetically despite what others think or feel. It’s just love. This is what I wrote to go along with the post😉

    “Simple love” is a poem I wrote last week during one of my listening sessions. As a psychic channel, I listen closely to what the heavens, the angels are advising us all. Embracing this idea is simple yet not always easy. We are sent here to love my dears. That is all. Love like your own life depends on it because guess what, it does. ❤❤❤

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    1. So very true!! We must follow our callings. And I love what you wrote…all of it. We are sent here to love but somewhere along the line we lose sight of that….and then life gets flipped on it’s head and here we are. Lol

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      1. YES!! That is when we must turn our love lights on as bright as possible. It’s a marathon, not a sprint my lovely lady friend. I’m not here to judge or change anyone, just love and accept. Allowing for everyone to have a seat at this grand table of ours. The ones who are in the dark just need a little more help and compassion. I love the synchronization of your post with the ones I saw today plus the long conversation I had with a fellow empath. We are the ones who are sent to usher in the others and light the way. That’s why we struggle in life, to learn hope and faith. Love is always the answer and heals all. Again, I love that you posted this important message. I often say we emmpaths are the human form of tbe Care Bears and now more than ever it’s our time to stare

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