What to expect in August 2020

New this month is the addition of an Animal Totem. These messengers help deliver additional insight for what we may need to know on a deeper level. It also helps us to connect to Mother Nature as we realize the importance of the messages that they deliver at precisely the moment that we need it.

This months animal totem is the OTTER. This animal showed up twice in the days prior to me writing this. And the word “Otter” seemed to pop up everywhere grabbing my attention. It wasn’t until I sat down to review what I had written for my report that I realized this was going to become a regular part of my monthly messages.

From the Spirit Animals website, the otter messages that stood out to me are:

“…you have to take care of yourself first to be of use to others”.


“…the Otter symbolism…could be reminding you that universal acceptance of β€œwhat is” in your life is the only way for you to move forward. This form of embracing the good with the bad and seeking out the joy of the moment will manifest new freedom of love and acceptance. Furthermore, you must honor the right of everything and everyone to be as they are. In other words, merely allow things to unfold in your life.”

Photo courtesy of S. Hermann & F. Richter on Pixabay


This month I’ve pulled six cards, three of which are major arcana cards…lessons. Five of the cards are reversed which isn’t a bad thing especially with these cards. So let’s get started…

THE DEVIL REVERSED – here we see a man and a woman chained to the devil. But reversed their chains come loose and they actually break free. Not to mention the devil now stands on his head.

DEATH – some people get squirmish with this card but it’s merely a card of transformation. Leaving the old behind in order to enter the new. As you can see the sun is rising on the path this horse is riding into.

2 OF SWORDS REVERSED – here we have a person seated holding two swords while blindfolded. Reversed, the blindfold comes off and the swords drop to the ground. She can see again.

8 OF SWORDS REVERSED – there’s a woman standing all bound up with her eyes covered surrounded by the swords. Reversed she is no longer bound to the circumstances she found herself stuck in as it all falls away. And she can see again.

9 OF WANDS REVERSED – there’s a man holding a wand who appears to be defending himself against all of the other wands. Wands represent ideas and foliage indicates new growth. Reversed the bandage comes off and the battle is over. But you may be exhausted from the fight.

This one also feels like he’s returned to the Ace of Wands since the rest of the wands fall away. This too represents new beginnings and being ready to face tomorrow.

THE MOON REVERSED – the dog and wolf are howling at the full moon while the crayfish comes out of the water onto the land. Reversed the moon is now a new moon which brings new beginnings where the energy actually begins to settle down.


What I see is a lot of clarity coming through in August. This is a great month to break free from the fears or the chains that bind you. The energy will be supportive of you learning this lesson and moving on. This can also be a great time to finally let go of addictions as well.

This just jumped out at me so it needs to be said…

The Devil card can represent the dark side of humanity…it’s often about trying to control others to suit oneself. It has a possessive nature to it. But reversed the truth surfaces and healing can begin.

I’m really thinking in terms of the masses right now and what we see out in the world. The fear that is trying to control everyone is being seen…which means it can no longer control you. It just feels like this takes on a much bigger role this month, meaning more people will be able to see through the manipulation that’s desperately trying to permeate throughout the world. The harder the negative energy tries to get pushed onto people, the more people that can see it. Hopefully that makes sense.

Having said that, when you can see the truth in your own life, you are then able to leave the past behind and trot into new territory. The white horse in the Death card represents forward movement with the help of the Universe. So if things appear dark and gloomy, it just doesn’t stay that way for long because the sun will always rise up and illuminate the path forward for you.

Seeing the truth, being clear about what you want can literally transform you.

With those lessons in toe and clarity coming forward you will finally be able to make a decision. You’ve examined your feelings and around the New Moon on the 18th you’ll be able to begin to take action on that choice because now you’ll feel confident whereas before you just couldn’t see it.

There’s a lot of freedom coming this month as well. This has more to do with fears that have held you up previously. When we release those fears we can actually see our next steps. So there’s an awful lot of support for this now. Any restrictions that you imposed on yourself will begin to move to the wayside.

But be cautious as to how you feel because you may need to rest for a bit. Listen to your body. If you’re feeling agitated or defeated, perhaps your emotions, body or spirit has taken a hit through all of this. Then it’ll be time to set some time for yourself to just be. Then take action when you’re ready.

We start the month with a Full Moon on the 3rd. This signals the releasing that we’ll be doing in the first half of the month. So whatever is no longer serving you needs to go during this time.

The New Moon showed up twice in the cards so that’s when you can expect some changes…that’s when your new beginnings can start to take shape. With the amount of clarity taking place both personally and globally in August, you can be certain that things will start to transform. It’s time and we’re ready.


August 8, 11, 18, 22 and 31st.

On or around these dates you can expect your truth to bubble up to the surface. You may also notice other people’s truths and truths from out in the world.

Your truth has to do with your current reality. It can be about something you’ve hidden from yourself. It can be something you haven’t thought about in a long time. It could be something from your childhood or even a past life.

These dates can be about light pouring in from the Universe, astrological activity and more. Simply pay attention to what’s coming up for you around these dates because it’s significant for your journey.

As always I will be posting updates throughout the month. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and MeWe.

Have a wonderful month!! πŸ’—

Copyright Β© 2020 Dorrina Russell and missdorrina.com. All rights reserved. You are welcome to share this content with others as you feel guided to do so. All that is asked is that you keep the integrity of this article in tact by including the author’s name and a working link back to the original source of this website.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with all you have expressed here my friend. The tides are shifting and justice is the main focus now. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few months integrating, allowing and embracing not only myself but others in a “let it be” mindset. Acknowledging yes, allowing always. Observations on all is where peace is found. So much of our world asks us for a reaction when most often no response is needed. I tell my sons that preparation is the biggest part of life, how we respond to it all shapes ones character. We all make mistakes yet i feel this month the energy is lighter than it’s been the last few months, really since the end of last year even. We’ve gone through a tremendous shake up, for necessary reasons. Now we can relax into a more stable field to continue shedding what doesn’t serve and embracing our dreams in a more significant way❀❀❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! The energy is definitely much lighter…thankfully! And yet it also feels like a disconnect. Which for me always happens right before changes come through. It’s all about us finding our balance in whatever way possible and as you said “embracing our dreams in a more significant way”. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I agree. I usually go through a few days of readjustment into the newness and then I feel much better. It’s so comforting to talk with another woman who’s sensitive to energy shifts. When i was growing up I was so confused, sick and just fearful. In the past few years I feel so much more empowered and confident in my sensibilities using them as my superpowers πŸ˜‰πŸŒˆπŸŒŒπŸ’–πŸ™Œ

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like that!! Our superpowers! We have definitely crossed paths for a reason. Clearly we were supposed to go through tumultuous times so that we could assist others with our knowledge and experiences. So that “confused, sick and fearful” time is part of your story on how you got here. It empowered you to be where you are today. Perhaps your story needs an outlet…are you writing a book by any chance?? πŸ˜‰


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