So far in August…

Let’s break down my What to Expect in August report. So far we’ve had The Devil card reversed in play. We’ve been trying to cut loose from the chains that bind us but we’re still being held back by a timing issue. And because of this we can’t quite see where we’re headed so we are still blindfolded (2 of Swords hasn’t reversed yet).

“…when you can see the truth in your own life, you are then able to leave the past behind and trot into new territory. The white horse in the Death card represents forward movement with the help of the Universe. So if things appear dark and gloomy, it just doesn’t stay that way for long because the sun will always rise up and illuminate the path forward for you.”

A few things happened while I was out yesterday (8/8). A car pulled up next to me that was playing music kind of loud. And the lyrics that jumped out was…”it’s all about timing“.

Also, there was an awful lot of traffic but it was moving on the highway…until the car in front of me suddenly came to a stop. I then hit my brakes and my car pulled towards the left breakdown lane as I attempted to avoid hitting the car in front of me. I then glanced in my rearview mirror and then my driver’s side mirror to see the car behind me heading right for me. I instantly moved back towards the right and an accident was avoided. All in a matter of seconds.

But what’s interesting is how this relates to what’s currently going on in our own lives. The fact that I could see what was about to happen, it then allowed me to take immediate action and all was well in the world again. That’s what’s about to happen for us.

If you can’t see your way forward right now, you soon will as we release from the fears that have kept us bound up (8 of Swords Reversed). The New Moon on the 18th should help us out with that.

“There’s a lot of freedom coming this month as well. This has more to do with fears that have held you up previously. When we release those fears we can actually see our next steps. So there’s an awful lot of support for this now. Any restrictions that you imposed on yourself will begin to move to the wayside.”

And that’s what’s happening at this time. We are releasing from the fears and that which no longer serves us. And at the precise moment, we will be able to take steps towards forward movement because we will have the clarity to know which steps are right for us.

So hang in there…

I’m also watching August 31st as another day for a seismic shift in our awareness. I keep seeing THE END on the back of trucks 😂. Confirmation that something is ending so that something new can begin.

Welcome to August! 😳😊💗

Photo courtesy of Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash.

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