Endings lead to new beginnings

This morning I awoke from a dream where I was saying goodbye to a room full of people. And as I tried to leave, more people showed up. It was highly emotional. But it is confirmation that we are severing our ties with this chapter of our lives and starting something very new.

So if you’re feeling sad it’s because we’re moving on. We’re saying goodbye as we disconnect from those that are not going forward with us….even if it’s just on a spiritual level. Yet you may find people exiting at this time as well.

We’ve spent a lot of time working with others over the years. Sometimes it’s during dream time and other times it’s in person. But it’s also the fact that we hold light for the planet and a lot of people have come to depend on our light as a source of safety. So you can imagine that now our lights are pointing in new directions and will no longer be available to the people we’ve been assisting…at least not in the same way.

As we are being guided into our new roles we must move away from being “light holders” for the masses. There are new people coming in to take over. So it doesn’t mean that we no longer hold light…it simply means that our light gets pointed elsewhere.

This can show up rather suddenly when someone makes a choice. It can feel as though it came out of left field. It can also be shocking but don’t take it personally. Everyone is making choices that are in their best interest which has nothing to do with anyone but themselves.

Just remember that endings always lead to new beginnings. This is the energy of the portal that we are currently in. Many people have been waiting for this door to open up and it’s here now. But we officially sever our ties with this chapter on August 31st. So go easy on yourself if you’re feeling sad or blue. These feelings will subside as we move through the portal and enter September. As you’ll see, the changes taking place now are in the highest and best good of everyone involved.

Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay.

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  1. This post resonates deeply within my soul today my dear❤ I was journaling about the same thing today. I’ve had a great sense of ending and a new beginning about to start. I had a conflict yesterday that had me in deep contemplation this morning. I wrote how it feels like that was part of the old and how I’m now stepping the new, leaving that conflict and relationship behind. It’s very freeing!! Ready for this next chapter wholeheartedly ❤❤❤

    As you wrote, for our best and highest good🙏

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    1. Definitely a lot of the old resurfacing to bid farewell to. I’m so glad you were able to resolve that conflict quickly. I think we are all ready for the new to take place. Thank you for the confirmation by the way! It helps me to know that others are feeling it too. 😉🤗


      1. Well, I have resolved it in my heart. The other person involved, NO. This is also a part of a role I played. I’m referring to my mother and family dynamics. I refuse to carry her emotionally any longer. The more she breaks my boundaries, disregards my feelings and is downright toxic, the more confirmation I have to let go. Detaching with love. I’ve stepped into my own power and refuse to give her or anyone else the ability to make me shrink. This ends an almost 25 year cycle of emotional abuse. She’s a Narcissistic BPD and I understand she can’t help what she does. I’ve forgiven, I shone compassion yet at the same time I mustn’t allow her toxic energy to disrupt my flow. It’s extra tough because my son and I currently live with her. It’s temporary so once we move I will have permanent freedom from her wraths. Sorry to get dark but it’s a piece of my struggle, what’s made me who I am. I am love ❤ and so my dear are you😉

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      2. You’ve done exactly what was best for you. Forgiveness is what sets you free. And talk about cycles ending! I’m so glad you have found your power. Sometimes those we call family are the very people that teach us the toughest lessons. She has taught you so much because of how she has treated you and responded to you. Don’t apologize for going dark, it’s part of your story and I’m glad you shared that with me. 🤗 Congratulations for standing up for yourself, it’s been an incredibly long journey but now look at the woman you have become. You are now exactly who you knew yourself to be. 😉💓🥰

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