Portal update…

As I mentioned previously, we are entering a portal on August 31st although we are already in the energy of it. This is the doorway that delivers endings but more importantly creates our very new beginnings.

I am noticing that the closer we get to crossing the portal that is now open, the more of the love vibration that we will begin to feel, if even momentarily. This is 5D energy…where many are now headed. Perfect timing don’t you think? 💗

You may notice people become nicer or more friendly. There’s a definite positive shift in the energy….it’s a lot more loving. The more people that embody love the better…even if it’s just an ounce…love has the power to change everything.

I do ♥️ synchronicity. This morning while I was out walking I received confirmation from my turkey friends of what’s happening. In the picture you’ll notice that Mom and Dad turkeys are waiting for their baby turkeys to cross before they do. This is highly symbolic for those of us assisting others through the portal at this time. 🥰💞

Once the portal closes, our roles will change.

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