How to do a cord cutting ritual

Since we just went through a major portal that closed the door on our old roles on the Ascension timeline, cord cutting has become a necessary step in the process. Even though the core cords have been severed on a deeper level, there are straggler cords hanging around.

This is because some people are having a hard time “letting go” of us. They are literally clinging out of fear, which is how the cord gets created to begin with, because they’re afraid of what happens to them if we’re not around to guide them. What they haven’t realized is that each and every person holds the answers within. But they will. For now, we must do a cord cutting ritual.

Here are some ways that I use that have been highly effective for me over the years. You can try one of these or take what I’ve given you and create one of your own. Allow your intuition to guide you.

Method One

First, I picture us (myself and the ones I need to cut cords from) on a bridge. Second, I thank them for the lessons, wish them well, let them know that I hope they find what they’re looking for in love and peace, and tell them that this is goodbye. At which time we may shake hands, share a hug or I simply turn around and get off the bridge leaving them behind, without looking back (this is a very important step). Then I get into my car and drive away. At which point I pull into my driveway, enter my house and close the door behind me.

Method Two

Photo courtesy of Kat on Pixabay

If you have a garden, even if it’s a container garden, you can use scissors to cut off the dead branches or leaves while setting the intention that you are cutting cords that no longer serve you.

You could also use this method on rose bushes, small trees or anything that you can prune. Simply set your intentions prior to cutting.

Method Three

Get a cord that you no longer have use for, something that will be easy to cut with scissors. No cord? You can use a thin rope, shoelace or a thicker string. It’s all about your intention anyways so use what you have on hand.

You can also do this in front of an altar if you have one or simply sit on the floor. This can also be done outside.

Begin by smudging your space, use crystals if you’d like and place the four elements of earth, air, fire and water around you. I also tend to use salt as a layer of protection.

When you’re ready, grab the cord in one hand and scissors in the other. Set your intentions…that by cutting this cord you are hereby severing all cords to you that are no longer serving in your best interest. Then cut the cord as many times as you feel guided to. It is best to bury what’s been cut in the ground to seal the deal.

Method Four

Another method is to simply ask Archangel Michael to remove all of the cords that are no longer serving in your highest and best interest. Upon request, you may “see” him use his sword as he cuts the cords or you may “hear” the cutting sounds. Be sure to thank him for his assistance.

In closing

An important step that you must add to any of the above methods is to request that all cords are returned back to their original sender(s) filled with love and healing. This then transforms the intentions of that cord which helps everyone without any retribution. Also ask to fill the remaining holes, your chakras and your auric field with divine white light.

Once you’ve completed your cord cutting ceremony, drink a full glass of water. If possible, go swimming in a lake or the ocean. Or take an epsom salt bath. No tub? Simply take a shower. The intent is to clean off the residue and purify your intentions.

Now your cord cutting ritual is complete. Use as often as you feel is necessary. 💗

Photo courtesy of Susanne Jutzeler on Pixabay.

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      1. My blade is beautiful too, a dragon is one of my guides and also what Archangel Michael rides upon. My blade is chrome and red with a carved inlay of a dragon. When i take it out I explain to people the symbolic nature of its use, for some joke I’m going to actually cut them😆 It’s spiritual surgery I perform🔪

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