Now that we’re through the portal, you may feel this…

We are still cleaning up the debris in our lives from the portal we just went through on August 31st. As you can see with this plant, there’s a branch that needs to be removed from where the new growth is sprouting through. That’s what we’re doing currently…removing the old to allow the new growth to prosper.

Yes, we are pruning our energy trees at this time.

Old and the new

However, this can also make it extremely difficult to navigate to our next step at times as there’s a teetering between the old and the new. I’m finding that I see something that I think I want to do towards my health, like eliminate some foods (old way). Then I go to the market to buy alternatives and I immediately get a “oh hell no” reaction from my body.

Or I thought about juicing (old way), which I’ve done before, and looked for a decent used juicer since mine had literally burned up and I can’t find one. Had the same thing happen with coconut oil…that seems to have mysteriously disappeared off the shelves. But in my vision I could “see” my jar of bacon grease. Looks like I’ll be using that which I’ve been meaning to do anyways (new way).

What was true for us just a few weeks ago, is likely no longer true for us now. If you can’t decide on something, wait until you know for sure before you doing anything. Or at the very least, sleep on it because you can feel differently in the morning.

Sadness and grief

Photo courtesy of nightowl on Pixabay

As I’ve mentioned in both my Endings Lead to New Beginnings and Portal and Saying Goodbye articles, there is a deep sense of sadness happening within our beings. But that’s because the cords have been severed from those not moving forward with us which is causing some relationship shakeups. If you’re feeling grief stricken and aren’t sure where it’s coming from…that’s what it is. This will pass once we’ve finished “cleaning out” our debris from within the layers.

For now, we will have to work with this energy a little bit longer. But the good news is, our endings are really bringing in our new beginnings especially as we take that step forward towards the new. You may see it or you may (I’m not sure nudged is the word) get pushed into it.

Love vibe

We are also seeing a definite positive shift in the energy….it’s a lot more loving. The more people that embody love the better…even if it’s just an ounce…love has the power to change everything. You may find yourself irritable and angry and then suddenly out of the blue something changes you like a certain love song on the radio. We are now having waves of the love vibration coming in and it’ll keep coming until it’s a permanent fixture in our lives.


Something else that has come to my attention – many of us are currently working on projects that may seem confusing because it’s not necessarily for us.

What I’ve learned is that these new ideas we’re working with can be for the next wave of lightbearers that are now stepping into their new roles. I’m working on a new Oracle deck that didn’t make sense for me because I’ve already navigated this territory, but for those just beginning their journeys….it makes perfect sense. We are the teachers for our new students.


Photo courtesy of Lukas on Pixabay

Don’t worry if you feel thrown off your game at this time. Take it easy, do what feels right and natural for you. That’s really all you can do. The energy has a way of getting you in the right place anyways.

This is all part of the energy detoxification currently in progress. My best advice – don’t do what you always do…make a new choice and then see how it feels. If it works…great. If not, simply make a new choice. And REST!!

We are kind of doing double duty with the energy while still taking in light and processing it through the layers. Layers that we’re already trying to purge of our now “past life” all while the new is making its grand entrance. It’s a lot so go easy on yourself!! 💗

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  1. Beginnings and endings are both so beautiful, unavoidable and a chance for growth. Last night was my rebirth, my initiation ceremony into officially being declared a shaman. I have had many days prior of sobbing. The release felt so good. Being held in love and light, the very glashes of which I saw in our sweat lodge were magnificent. I’ve been lovingly reborn into who I was at 5 years old, that same innocence and playful wonder. Fresh and clean of wounds, healed and made anew. It feels spectacular, I’m shining brighter than ever before. Every turn in the cycle plays an important role, we mustn’t resist any of it for we impede our evolution. The 1st time I worked with my teacher, I can recall an overwhelming sense of relief as she pulled my broken and lost pieces of soul back from the depths. After 15 months of diligently weaving my wounded inner child, trauma bonds, CPTSD scars carefully together creating an intricately integrated woman who can now lovingly heal others. It’s a blessing and the ultimate gift to myself. Each and every one of us deserves to give ourselves the chances and opportunities God provides us during these transformative periods. Beautifully stated my friend 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Congratulations on becoming a shaman!! That is quite the undertaking!! Wow…a sweat lodge. I haven’t heard about that in a long time. But it sounds like it was highly cleansing. It is amazing how each one of us takes a certain path that ultimately leads us into our own blissful state. You definitely shine a very bright light!! 😉🌟💗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Before I had begun my apprenticeship, I had reached out to a tribe asking if I could attend their sweat lodge ceremony. My teacher surprised me with it because she holds them regularly. I am her first student to be inducted in and her very first solo led lodge. So many honors. It was one of the top 5 transformational healings I have ever experienced. I plan on visiting here again soon and bringing my partner along so he can experience the cleansing power of a sweat lodge.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. She is an amazingly powerful woman. We met when I needed this kind of healing the most, on Instagram. From our very first session, our connection was incredibly strong. She urged me to become a shaman in order to use my gifts for the purpose I was granted them for. I have lived many past lives as a shaman, which I saw a glimpse into last evening. I tell my clients that as a shaman, I see their soul and reconnect them to their authentic spirit. It’s the ultimate of energy cleaning. An honor, privilege and blessing ❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏


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