Changing of the guards

I’ve seen a lot of “spiritual” people get involved in the political arena. While I understand that it’s very difficult not to voice an opinion, it’s a lane that seems to be confusing many at this time.

Personally, I choose to not venture into politics because I feel that there are plenty of warriors out there who are already highly involved. That is their mission at this time. Besides, it’s not my area of expertise so I choose to stay in my own lane.

This is all happening due to the portal that we went through on August 31st as it’s now causing a shift in our roles. So those that stepped into “other” territory that wouldn’t normally do so, are doing so for a reason. Perhaps it’s time they take a backseat or take on a much different role.

“You may notice external roles of other people changing…perhaps ones you are currently following. A good example of this was when Doreen Virtue moved away from the spotlight and took on a new role. Or when significant teachers move on to new projects, retire or take on a new role in spirit…think of Dr. Wayne Dyer.”

In my article about Endings Lead to New Beginnings, I stated the following:

As we are being guided into our new roles we must move away from being “light holders” for the masses. There are new people coming in to take over. So it doesn’t mean that we no longer hold light…it simply means that our light gets pointed elsewhere.

This can show up rather suddenly when someone makes a choice. It can feel as though it came out of left field. It can also be shocking but don’t take it personally. Everyone is making choices that are in their best interest which has nothing to do with anyone but themselves.”

This is all starting to happen now and will continue over the coming weeks and months. Trust your instincts about who to follow and who not to.

If you’ve always felt that there was something off about someone or something didn’t resonate with you, then suddenly they voice an opinion about something outside of their “norm” and you’re completely turned off by it…simply walk away. It’s a choice that’s being made on a universal level. It’s the changing of the guards.

Also it’s highly likely that your Angels and guides are changing up at this time as well. This is because you are learning and opening up to your natural talents. As you do, you’ll need a new team to guide you on the next part of your journey.

It is time to do what we came here to do. It’s time to heal and move forward. It’s time to move on to a loving vibration.💚 💞

Photo courtesy of Hulki Okan Tabak on Unsplash.

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  1. Once again we are in sync sister, I feel every word deeply. Since returning from Idaho, I have a new angel guide around me which is helping my shift. It’s so beautiful. I’m free and grounded so strongly into love (my superpower) taking on my role as a shaman humbled and honored 🙏 Blessings to you for living your truth🙌💗

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    1. Welcome back!! We are all so blessed!! So many amazing things happening around us now. That “superpower” is starting to really trickle in. We are definitely in a higher realm. Thank you for your kind words!! And thank you for following and living your truth 💗🤗🙌

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