The 2012 Connection

For most of October I have been radio silent. I have not written any articles other than my monthly outlook, a Mercury Retrograde piece and one other article that I’m holding. Other than that I have lacked serious motivation. I even contemplated if I wanted to write anymore. That’s how much deep inner work we are doing and clearing at the moment.

I posted on social media that what we are experiencing right now is directly related to 2012. A time where so many of us were put on hold for the greater good…for the overall plan. So while we are picking up where we left off from then, some things have changed. How do we feel now? Do we still want the same things? What don’t we want now that we wanted back then? It’s all relevant to what we are dealing with currently.

For me, in 2012 I quit writing and this is playing out big time for me right now so that I can heal from what happened. The exact same scenario is playing out. Only this time, I’m sticking with it to see where it goes.

Because last time I was living in an illusion, this time it’s eyes wide open. In 2012, I honestly believed that a wonderful man would show up in my life and I’d be happy because he would take care of all that ailed me.

What I didn’t realize then was that I had some generational programming that I was being effected by and likely past life issues that needed to be healed. But I learned that I needed to stand on my own two feet and be happy in my life first. I had to find love within myself. That was probably the biggest struggle of my life…thinking someone was going to save me when I really needed to save myself. I will no doubt write more about this at a later date.

Enter 2020…here we are looking back at 2012 and we can now see with 20/20 hindsight what we were caught up in very clearly. Because this time we are moving forward, picking up where we left off in a sense and charting a new course for our lives. And this time, we actually have the resources at our disposal to help propel us forward.

It’s no coincidence that I’m writing this on the 22nd…a day I was watching for energetic activity. But what we realize and learn today is very critical to our forward momentum. It’s a turning point. It’s time to heal this wound…the one that halted us in our tracks. Because now, it’s all systems go.

It’s been a super rough month on so many levels. I struggle at times just as much as anyone else. And that’s why I’m going to keep writing because I enjoy helping others. I enjoy the flow that takes place especially when I channel the messages. If my experiences can help even one person, then it’s all worth it.

Our lives are never really about us…they are in a sense but it’s about our service and our mission. Everything has been perfectly timed so that we break out of our shells precisely when we’re supposed to. So whatever you’re facing at this moment in time has a direct link to 2012. And today and the days following, you will likely see that connection. Not to repeat it but to finally heal from it and close it off for good.

Photo courtesy of Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke on Pixabay.

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  1. Glad to see you here, I’ve been thinking about you lately. I republished a poem of mine entitled, “Eyes wide open” today.(look on Twitter) My gifts (psychic and healing) are expanding by leaps and bounds daily. I’m channeling all the time and with much more intensity. I flip flop between dark night of the soul purging to sunlight of the spirit ascending. October is the initiation process to what November will really deliver and December will solidify the change of it all. Big stuff going on out there for sure between now and the end of the year. Sending you so much love sister

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    1. Thank you!! I will definitely check it out. It’s been a rough month for sure. I too am flip flopping between dark to light…purging what’s no longer necessary and thinking about what’s possible. Sending love right back to you 💗🤗

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