Tarot cards for the week of October 31st, 2020

For the upcoming week I decided to pull some Tarot cards. The reason is because it feels like a big week with the second Full Moon of the month on Halloween. This kicks the energies up a few notches, not to mention the 31st is a date that I am watching for energetic activity.

Here’s what the cards say…

10 of Wands Reversed – this can go one of two ways…either you need to let go of all of the burdens you’ve been carrying. Or you’ve finally freed yourself of those burdens and it’s time to go in a new direction.

Ace of Wands – there’s a new direction being handed to you, divinely led (hand coming out of the cloud)…and that idea already has new growth. A new opportunity awaits you that can lead you to that castle on the hill.

The Moon – crawling out of the emotional waters and stepping onto a path that leads to the unknown; everything is heightened now – your intuition, your natural abilities and your sense of urgency; is the animal domestic or wild?

The coming week can set you on a new course or put you in a new direction. The reason is because you’ve freed yourself of the burdens of the past…or you may be working on letting them go now.

Either way, there’s a new direction literally being “handed” to you. Whether that’s a new idea, project, career move etc. it’s already begun to grow. This tells me that you’re already aware of this new beginning. Perhaps it’s something you seeded quite a while back. This week could see it start to take shape in a new way.

This Full Moon will only help you advance on your journey. The reason is because you’re ready and because it’s already set in motion. So pay attention because your intuition will be highly increased this week as well. You can begin to feel the moon’s effects starting on Wednesday lasting until November 3rd. That’s three days before and three days after the Full Moon for those who are interested in doing moon rituals.

As a precaution, beware of heightened emotions around this time. This could be a week where people are highly triggered, more so than usual. I feel like we’re getting an upgrade this week as well that is tied to the 31st.

Traditionally The Moon card says, “Are you a friend or foe”? But I see it as the dog and the wolf…domestic or wild. This has more to do with your decision making. Will you play it safe (domestic) or will you take a chance (wild)? That is the lesson.

The path that is being shown to you may be one that leads you into the unknown. Are you ready to step out of the emotional waters and see where it leads or will you climb back into the water where you’re comfortable?

You don’t need to make a choice right now and it might be better to ponder it for a few days anyways. But you are being divinely guided on your journey. Will you take a chance?

It’s a great week to journal how you’re feeling especially since your natural talents and your psychic abilities will be inhanced. You may experience vivid dreams and deja vu too. You may feel as if you’re floating so practice grounding yourself using whatever methods work for you.

What’s happening this week is paving the way for what’s to come in November and December. Also since we’re still in Mercury Retrograde I’ve noticed a tendency for ex’s to “appear”…though it can just be in thought form.

For instance, as I was driving today I spotted a vehicle that suddenly reminded me of someone from 20+ years ago. There was nothing I needed to do as I had already healed from it so I let it go. You’ll know if there’s anything left to do.

Having said that, I have seen where some people are getting back together with people that they know aren’t good for them. That’s because there are unresolved issues at hand. Over the next couple of weeks they will likely see things differently. Doesn’t make it wrong, it means it’s right for them right now…until it’s not.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll be able to see updates that I may post regarding the energies in play or any additional Tarot cards I may pull. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe and Parler.

Have a great week and Happy Halloween!! 🎃

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One comment

  1. I’ve been diligently releasing and allowing tbe waters of rebirth and renewal to shake out the last of the karma I have now been released from. All my contracts have gone to justice. I had a huge day of channeling my friend. All of my sacrifices have now been recognized which is why I’m able to strp into the sunlight of my spirit. Mostly, I’ve noticed people either doing flip flopping, completely losing their shit or absolutely confused. Spiritually, these next 2 months are huge because if the homework isn’t done life will cover those folks I a ton of their own karmic bricks. You’re absolutely correct, the 31st full moon and first 2 weeks of November are going to be loud. Then in December everything will change….for the better. My birthday is on 12/9 which you know represents completion. I will be 43 which symbolizes success in all areas of life, the one achieved by hard work, strong will and patience, but also with great understanding, knowledge and nobility. Number 43 is a lucky angel number. Seeing this number regularly, it is a good omen. I cried hard once I read about it. God is shining fown on me after a lifetime in sacrifices. I’m ascending to master status as a shaman already, my teacher and I have been fast tracking my progress along with Spirit and my gifts have highly evaluated. The blessings I feel flowing into my life are absolutely amazing. We are rising my friend, it’s so beautiful 🌠✨🎆🎇🌌💜🤗


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