Identity Shift

On August 31st we walked through a major portal that significantly shifted the landscape for us. Shortly afterwards I remember thinking “identity shift” for a brief moment but I hadn’t put two and two together until I watched Maria Deesy’s November 4th Energy Update Video. Also Maria does a powerful meditation in her video so I highly recommend watching it. ☺️

The portal created a role change that many are now feeling the effects of. I’m seeing a lot of what’s happening right now tied into this particular portal which I believe was triggered during the Full Moon on October 31st. Although my sense is that the effects of the portal are happening in stages. Meaning x amount of people shifted on 8/31, the next round on 10/31 and the next one is 12/31.

These dates coincide with specific identity changes thereby creating new landscapes for people. So once we hit the target date and move through it, you will begin to feel the transition a few days later. Meaning…things finally start to shift in your life. You may get new ideas, make plans to move to a new location and quite literally start the ball rolling in a new direction in your life.

Ironically as I tried to write October it came up as “August” and November came up as “September”. So for me that’s confirmation that what’s happening now is directly related to that 8/31 portal.

With this shift you can expect not only your role to change but you may also get new guides, new Angels and/or new mentors going forward. This is to help you succeed in your new “position”.

In my original post I also wrote about the connection to the 2009-2012 timeframe. For me, this has come up a lot in the last couple of months.

With an identity shift everything changes. So you may feel guided to make dietary changes, adopt a pet, start a new ritual, learn a new skill, read new books, make new plans, look at new places to live, start a new career, have new encounters with people, start a new exercise regime, create new rituals, make new traditions, etc. You will feel guided to pursue new interests. You may meet someone new. This is when everything changes…including the team that guides you.

You may realize your natural talents and abilities. You may start a new hobby that turns into a lucrative business. You may make plans to open up a new business. You may find yourself more connected and in tune with Mother Nature.

You will begin to release old beliefs, generational conditioning and habits that no longer serve you. You will begin to break free of expectations of others and forge your own path. You will begin to let go of the story you’ve been telling yourself because it no longer serves a purpose. You will begin to set off into unchartered and unknown territory and you’ll begin to feel the excitement of what’s ahead.

You will begin to see things from a new perspective. You will begin to tap into the song in your heart. You will realize that what is meant for you is yours for the asking. You will begin to find happiness, joy, passion and purpose. And because of that you radiate love out into the world because you’ll be enjoying your life in it’s natural flow.

So begin the process of stepping into your new identity wherever that leads you. Follow the ideas that resonate with joy and happiness. Pick up the breadcrumbs and make a new path with it.

Follow your heart as it leads to choices made with love. No more choices from fear. This identity shift coincides with the New Earth (5D). You are now free to roam about the Earth in peace and harmony. It’s time to enjoy and embrace the new no matter how that plays out. Step forward with courage because you can. The rest will simply unfold naturally.

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos on Pixabay.

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  1. This has come true 100% in my life and I know you my dear sister can feel it. I feel so blessed that the karmic contracts have been ripped. I received a message telling me that in the past 16 months of my awakening, I have done enough work for 8 lifetimes which I canagree with. It’s been a whirlwind of constant transformation for me. I feel compelled to follow my soul’s desires.
    I want to share with you a message I recently received from another psychic sister after I purchased an archangel Sigel from her and sent her a thank you…..Oh, Maria, you just made my day!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are so protected even without the sigil, there is a crowd of angels and ancestors around you, like they are standing up in a semi-circle behind you seated in a chair at a dining table.  They are lit with God’s Light and Love, and they say to you “You are stronger than you know, you amaze us constantly at what you are willing and able to do.  Please remember to ask for our help, and to ask for help from other humans – we’re just waiting for your request.”  The sigil will act as a reminder of all of the angels that you have and guide you to ask for anything – truly, anything.  If you find yourself holding the sigil, ask your angels what it is that you want to know, you will get an answer.

    Okay, so I didn’t know that a message was going to come through until I started this email but that crowd around you wanted to make sure that I sent their messages to you.  And, they also say, “don’t forget how loved you are”
    I was absolutely blown away and began sobbing tears of joy❤ I do have new guides and angels supporting me along with a slew of my ancestors that have been anxiously awaiting me to reclaim my position as a shaman in this life as my soul has done in many. Your post here is further confirmation. As I return back to my family’s home in FL as a new person with a renewed sense of purpose and a heart bursting at the seams with love🎆🌠😊

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    1. Wow!! 😭 I’m literally blown away!! Thank you so very much!! I do see that “crowd” around me from time to time. It’s been a really rough time lately as there’s a lot of family stuff happening for me all at once. It’s highly emotional!! You are such a strong woman!! I am blessed that we are sisters 💗. Thank you again for the reminder…I know I needed it!! There are no words…just tears. Much love to you 🤗🙏

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      1. Yes, I am too! My life is so abundant within my spiritual practice and I have grown so much. I’m still getting used to it all 😆 I love you so much, it’s always abrihy spot in my day when I read your posts🌈💗🎆🌠🙏

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      2. Awwww! Thank you! It’s amazing how many sisters I’ve found lately because of the writing. So thankful for the internet! And we are all getting used to walking in our new shoes 😉💪🙏💗

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