What to expect for the week of November 15-22, 2020

Hopefully after last week’s tough energy cycle, you were able to break through the mental “clutter”.

After seeing the cards for this week, it does appear that we were successful in clearing out some of what doesn’t serve us. Even if it was just one thing, it was likely something very big that you were holding onto. So give yourself a pat on the back for that.

This week we’ve got:

  • Ace of Cups – new beginnings in matters of the heart, new relationship or romance
  • Page of Cups – brings messages that there’s love in the air
  • Page of Swords Reversed – this page gets to the truth of the matter
  • 7 of Swords – deception, sneaky, someone trying to get away with something
  • 10 of Cups – traditional happy ever after

At first glance you’ll see that the Cups appear to run the show since we start and end the week with the same suit with a couple of Swords thrown into the mix. This is how I see it…

We start the week off with a New Moon. This helps to facilitate the new ideas that are coming forth which are more in line with our hearts, souls and our missions here.

We can expect our hearts to open up in a new way that can have us feeling emotional. What’s happening is the new idea is allowing us to see a new perspective. It’s giving us a new awareness. It’s bringing about a resolution to a situation that we’ve likely been stuck in. It’s bringing in a new beginning.

It’s one of those things where the more you think about it, the more it makes sense for what you need now and going forward. This is actually an expansion of the idea that you may have had around October 10th.

Let me just say this…do not worry about how you will put this idea into motion. The resources will be available when the time is right. For right now, we are expanding our knowledge and really creating a new relationship within ourselves.

It’s definitely time to try something new…to do something different. And the only way that can happen is if you are open to it. The only way you can be open to it is by clearing out the “clutter”.

With that said, there is something that we likely weren’t seeing clearly before. This week whatever that something is will definitely get exposed. The truth will come out to help you proceed forward with your goals.

Swords often represent what’s in our heads…its that mental “clutter” I spoke about last week. It’s the negative self talk, the fears, illusions and storylines we’ve been attached to. Perhaps our minds were playing tricks on us and deceiving us.

However, with the Reversed Page right next to the 7 of Swords, it means that “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God” will show us what’s been hidden from us. And yes, we are getting help from our guides. This is a necessary step so be sure to ask for help anytime you need it.

So this confirms that there is success to our new beginnings of our heart opening up. Perhaps it’s a new relationship with ourselves, connecting deeper to who we are. Perhaps we are finding out what we truly believe in and want. Whatever it is for you this week…know that it is in alignment with your heart and that you are fully supported. Once we see the truth, things are ready to flow as if by magic.

We are not doing this alone… especially since we had an energy download while I was in the middle of writing this. There is plenty of help to support us as you can see with the hand coming out of the clouds with the Ace of Cups. 😇

The dates I’m watching this week for energetic activity are the 16th, 19th and 22nd.

I would love to hear how this message relates to what you’re going through.

Have a great week!! 🙏💜🤗

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  1. All on point, I felt that download big time. I have some new guides who communicate a bit differently than the others😉 I’m feeling very optimistic about this week. Your reading, another sister’s reading and my own are all talking about love in the air with Venus placement squaring Jupiter, my ruling planet. I feel we’re preparing for the bigger shifts coming next month and this week sets the stage for all the newness the new moon is offering. I set some powerful intentions since now I’m back in Florida. I’m healing my mother, which has been transformational for her. Deeply profound at 76 years old, she’s having her 1st awakening! My Dad feel ill, weak and advancement of Alzheimer’s landed him in a rehab facility. My mother is devastated and lonely. I’m here to help her transition because I know my Dad doesn’t have too much longer here. Sometimes the knowing is a double edged sword. He’s 87 and has lived a long and happy life. All in all I applaud this week’s reading, welcome it all in and give you a virtual hug🥰🥰🥰

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    1. Thank you so much!! I posted this yesterday then took it down. I wanted to sit with it a little longer. I’m sure your mother is grateful. It’s interesting how you had to leave and then come back. Your parents are lucky to have you. 💗 Sending pink and green light and blessings your way 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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