What to expect for the week of November 23-30, 2020

Here’s something interesting…this week we’ve got two cards that carried over from last week…the Page of Swords Reversed and the 10 of Cups. This is something we are working on in our daily lives – truth and happiness.

Last week we likely started connecting to ourselves in a much deeper way. We may have asked important questions like…what do I need, what is best for me??

We are being given clues to those answers with each download we receive from the Universe. And the interesting part is today I received a download where my left ear rang instead of the right ear. When I asked my team what’s with the left ear I heard, “It’s time to receive.” This felt like it was more than just taking in light from the Universe.

Let’s see what the cards have to say this week: 7 of Cups, The Sun Reversed, Page of Swords Reversed, The Star and 10 of Cups.

I can sum this up in one sentence…the reason you’re having a hard time making a decision is because you’re not allowing things to flow as they should. So let’s dig deeper to find out why that is…

It appears that there are too many options to choose from. But the real problem has to do with your fears and what you want. Perhaps you aren’t seeing clearly yet. Perhaps you haven’t tapped into your heart to find out what it is you truly want instead of what you think you should want.

What if you’re not asking yourself the right questions? What if you’re not aiming high enough and that’s why it’s so difficult to make a choice? Because somewhere in the middle of all of that is the belief that it’s not likely to happen or you’re not worthy enough to receive it.

You see there are choices that keep you in your comfort zone, choices that scare the living crap out of you, choices that appear good on the surface and then there’s the unknown which no doubt can scare you.

One thing is for sure…you want to be certain that you have all the facts before you decide. And that means connecting to your heart and finding out what truly matters to you. Not what others want you to do. Not what is expected of you. Not what all your ancestors did before you…unless that appeals to you. But what truly matters to you.

Perhaps it’s time to review the past to see why you can’t decide. Perhaps you feel restricted in some way. Perhaps you’re trying to choose based on old beliefs. Perhaps you’re trying to choose because others are pushing you in some way. But all signs are pointing to some inner work that still needs to be done so that you can free yourself of the indecisions.

Something that I’ve seen come up a lot in my readings has to do with the root chakra. This is where your security is, your foundation, your stability, how you get your basic needs met, your home and how you survive. Working with red crystals can help with this energy center as will journaling how you’re feeling about any of those issues.

For instance, if you’ve been wanting to move but can’t make it work, part of it may be divine timing but the other part may be that you still need to learn something related to the root chakra. Perhaps you’re trying to force something to happen without thinking about what’s best for you. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results as before. If you don’t like the results, you need to change how you approach the situation.

No matter what, the truth is coming out. It’s being revealed in a way that is right for you. Which to be honest…that lesson may be more about simply allowing things to flow naturally instead of trying to force the issue that you are facing. It may be about having the hope and courage to know that you deserve better and that you can manifest what you truly desire.

So how about you try something different…do something your inner child would do. Play, laugh, have fun, be silly, make silly faces, do something that makes you feel like a kid again. A time where you didn’t worry about how things happened, you just knew that they did.

How about this week you take a step outside at dusk to see the first star and recite the following:

“Starlight star bright,
first star I see tonight,
I wish I may I wish I might,
have this wish I wish tonight.” 💫

Or stand under the night sky during the upcoming Full Moon and make a wish upon a star 🌟 just like you did when you were a kid. Or ask the Goddess to assist you at this time. The power of the Full Moon, especially potent with the lunar eclipse, can give your request wings to fly. Then say your wish out loud to the Universe and let it go.

When you do that, then you’ll find balance, happiness, peace and joy within yourself. All the while knowing that the Universe can take care of things for you which helps you to release the control you have over the situation and it allows for a much better outcome. Perhaps you simply need to trust in the process knowing that what is meant for you will be yours.

Something I like to do is to ask my Angels to take my burdens from me. I invision putting everything that is troubling me into a basket and handing the basket over to one of my Angels. From there it is taken to a big hand in the clouds…like you see in the Aces in the Tarot, and carried off to be dealt with.

Alternatively you could write down everything that’s troubling you and burn it outside at the Full Moon. As the paper sends smoke into the air, feel yourself being released from the burdens as the Universe takes over.

The cards show that you have what it takes to be successful, to be happy and filled with love. With the Full Moon eclipse happening on the 30th, this would be an excellent time to shed the old outdated beliefs and try believing and trusting that the Universe already has this figured out for you. You just need to let all the burdens go in order to receive the gifts that await you. Have hope and faith and know that your happiness is right there waiting for you. If you believe in it, you can obtain it…and so it is.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!🙏💗🥰

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