November 30th Lunar Eclipse

Just a quick update…

Since we are in the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energy already, it’s a great time to cleanse your home with a sage smudge stick. This will help clear out the old energy to allow room for the new energy to enter.

Someone asked me today what kind of sage they should use, and I said that my personal preference is white sage. However, there are all kinds of blends available now from lavender to pine to eucalyptus. Go with what feels right for you as that will be the most effective.

Eclipses bring about much needed change…as we have one on the 30th and another on 12/14. You’ve likely already felt your storyline changing. This is a new direction, one that will allow you to be the most successful. It can be something that you didn’t quite expect. It can also be a redirection.

Having said that, new people may come into your life or ones you’ve known from before with a new twist. You may move suddenly as something opens up and aligns with what you need going forward. You may find your career path heading into new territory. Big changes from now through March. 💗🙏

Photo courtesy of Content Pixie on Unsplash.

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