Getting ready to shift

One of the hardest things coming up has to do with old storylines. These are crumbling right before our very eyes. So whatever we thought was going to happen, appears to be changing rather suddenly. I’m noticing some resistance with this particular shift, which is completely understandable.

But it’s time for us to head into a new direction and we may feel sadness and grief as we mourn the closure of what we thought was going to take place. This goes to show us how tightly we were holding on to this “idea” or “expectation”.

The only thing to do is let it all go and see what plays out. Have a mindset where you don’t need to know what’s going to happen….simply allow it to happen…ride the wave. Whatever is in your highest and best good will take place.

You may already be sensing this shift from within. It feels like an inner tsunami trying to unearth itself. It’s on the verge of surfacing so pay attention to how you are feeling, what you are sensing and get ready for change. The signs are all around confirming what’s happening. Don’t forget to rest as this is exhausting work we are doing…especially this month. 💜🤗

Photo courtesy of StockSnap on Pixabay.

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  1. Absofrickenlutely! My son and my dear friend both told me they feel something happening on the 7th. I agree with them too as I feel that internal tsunami you articulated my dear🌊
    These past few months have been a roller coaster and I for one am really excited about this shift. The phrase that keeps rolling around in my head is, “get ready shift happens” 🤣
    Boy has this year proven that in abundance!

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    1. 😂 Thank you for the confirmation!! I’m excited too!! The song I keep “hearing”…”if there is love in your heart and your mind…it will feel like Christmas all the time”. 💗


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