New Moon Solar Eclipse December 14th, 2020

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!! 🌠

It’s been a rough few days. The dark energy really picked up speed in the last 24 hours. I went from one end of the spectrum to the other today. Remember that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs. And I had a massive breakthrough too. Stopped a pattern I had right in its tracks. And the reason is because I finally saw it. Perhaps you saw yours too.

Here’s my quirk…whenever things get tough, or something happens that I don’t want to face, I have a tendency to “run”. I like to get out of dodge as fast as I can. It’s fear that takes over…the fear of getting hurt. So I’d put up a wall and “run”. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

This theme has been playing repeatedly in my life. I did see it about three years ago but it hadn’t fully kicked in until today. Today was the day that I said, “No more running.

Today is the day where I decided to stay and see where things lead. I decided to open up my heart and my mind and simply allow what’s right in front of me to manifest. Today is my new beginning and because of that, I was gifted with the re-opening of my true self…connecting to Source in a new way and using my God given talents to energetically heal…not only myself but others and the planet as well from the 5D/New Earth perspective.

This is just the beginning of an energetic doorway that we entered from now until December 31st. We are clearing out, making new choices and following our hearts to what and who feels right for us. It’s a time to “expect the unexpected“.

What did you learn today? What breakthrough happened for you? What new talent appeared for you?

Also, you may have any range of emotions too. If you’re feeling exhausted…rest. If you’re feeling creative go with it. But most importantly, get outside and get some fresh air…it does wonders for the body, mind, heart and soul.💜

Photo courtesy of Randy McGuire on Pixabay.

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  1. All of this resonates with me. Over the weekend I wrote some poems and painted anew painting called “Dark night of the soul” while doing a lot of crying. It boils down to peeling yet another layer of fear from self. I definitely feel the shift and I’m looking forward to this week’s energies because Venus moves into Sagittarius ♐ and that’s my jam. I think between now and The Great Conjunction on tbe 21st tjings are going to be swiftly in an upswing. Peace, joy, love and light sister💗

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    1. Yes exactly! Peeling the layers and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to the unknown. I did not know about Venus I will have to read up on that. Thank you 😉 I’m definitely feeling that upswing. Sounds like you’ve been very creative 🥰 So much love to you sister!! 🤗

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