What to Expect for January 5 – 12, 2021

This week I’m doing something different for the What to Expect for the week ahead. I’ve brought in one of my soul sisters to do the reading for me. Which was interesting how it all came about.

Currently, I am tied up with family obligations and haven’t had the time to get the readings done. I asked my guides for help and sure enough I had the idea to get someone else to assist me with it. And I knew exactly who to call upon. So this week, Clara has generously offered up her services and I can tell you that she’s right on point.😍

Take a look….

From the Wisdom of the Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid

Cards selected:

  • Chop Wood (reversed)
  • Between Worlds (reversed)
  • Clean it up

This card reading spans Tuesday to Tuesday, it’s not an error, it’s how the cards wanted to be read. I know it may feel unorthodox, unusual, and unexpected, not to start a reading off on a Monday, but that’s exactly the message these cards want to get across to you this week. They said very loud and very clear ‘OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW’.

This message relates to the way we do things, and how we should change things up this week. So even if it’s just an ever so slight change to your pattern, such as moving your going to bed routine forward by an hour, it can have a big impact on how your day/project/energy flows.

So many people eat junk food all weekend saying ‘I’ll start the diet on Monday’ when they could just start right now, right this minute and thus see results much much quicker, but for some old fashioned reason they wait until Monday…So trust me, you don’t have to wait for a Monday to come around in order to start something, because every day is a chance to start something amazing!

So a bit more flesh to the weeks reading.

Take the first stepChop Wood appeared in the protection stance, signifying that it’s now time to get out of your old, non serving habits, and shake up your pattern of thinking and behaving in regards to a big dream you may be harbouring. If you want to win the lottery you HAVE to buy a ticket right?

So this card is urging you to take that first step to achieving your desires, and sweep away any old procrastinations that have held you back from taking strides to success. You may have just rolled your eyes and said ‘but what are the chances of me winning the lottery with just one ticket?’

And that my friend is a procrastination that has no place in your week for success. The card replies ‘those lottery winners you see on tv, smiling from ear to ear with happiness and glee at scooping the jackpot…won with what??? That’s right!!! JUST ONE TICKET!

So go for it now, take that first step to success, you may have to buy a ticket every week for a while to get the level of success you desire but it’s a positive new routine of making sure you’re in with a chance that could change your life.😊

Waver slightly it’s normalThe Between Worlds card showed up in the protection stance, and it’s really not surprising to see this card appear at this time of year. In fact I pulled this card for my personal reading on New Years Day so this energy is definitely staying with us all for a while yet.

Collectively and individually we find ourselves with one heavy foot in last weeks 2020 energy and one tentative foot in this brand spanking new year and decade, all hoping ever so much that it will be a good one for not just us on our solo journeys but for the whole of humanities sake. However with very fresh memories of the traumatic, topsy turvy 2020 phase we have all just worked through, it can feel unnerving to go all in with the happiness stakes.

Everything may look the same, smell and taste the same as it did last week, but it may not please you as it once did, you’ve changed and moved forward just by entering 2021, so don’t be surprised if the job you have, the person you have been dating or even just your favourite food doesn’t feel quite right anymore, unfortunately it may mean you ultimately need to let go of these relationships and leave them where they belong…in the past In order to move on with your future.

This card can also symbolise a buffering period, and you may feel that just when you have started to dream big and take some initial steps forwards from Chopping Wood earlier in the week, and just as your life feels a little more colourful, magical, amazing and achievable, your conscious could bring you crashing back to the world you currently reside in with a thud.

The card wants you to know that its absolutely ok to reach for a happy and successful lifestyle even though some people around you may be trying to keep you in their gloomy world. You have the new skills of Chopping Wood on your tool belt now so get back to taking those small steps to happiness, because it all adds up.

Sparkling and fresh/Sunday bestThe Clean It Up card, as if by magic appears towards the end of the week. Time to get your feather duster out and brush away all the emotional residue left behind from a week of merging into a brand new 2021 mindset and year.

Do some organising within your life to free up time and headspace in the future. So don’t delay things, and complete the administrative tasks as soon as it arrives in your zone this week, such as paying invoices, or filling in tax returns. I know these are boring and mundane tasks when your head may be buzzing with the first sparks of a new project or dream on the horizon, but by decluttering the physical area around you it can open up space for even more fabulous thoughts and things to arrive in your life!!

In summary… ‘There’s a new you, a new start, a new opportunity and new gifts from the Divine all up for grabs this week. Even if you start and then fail, tomorrow is another chance to get things going in the right direction again, so go for it knowing now is your time to shine.’

Thank you ever so much Clara for your words of wisdom this week. You can find her on Twitter if you’d like to follow her or simply say, “Thank You“. I truly appreciate the amount of love, heart and soul that she has poured into this reading for us. 🤗💗😇

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    1. Completely accurate with everything going on in my life at the moment. I’ve been hesitating on starting a certain cleanse until the end of the week but now that I’ve read this, I’m just going to do it starting today. She was spot on with everything! I’m so glad it resonated with you as well. Sending 💗 and 🤗.

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