A new method for cord cutting

Today I discovered a new way to sever a cord that was keeping me from moving forward. I had just received a card in the mail from someone and I immediately knew what I had to do as they kept drawing me back to them to fit their own agenda.

So I took a clam shell that I had found at the beach and tore the card into pieces. From there, I took those pieces and burned them in the shell outside. If you’re going to do this, please do it safely. A fire pit or fireplace would have been easier but I didn’t have access to either one. This was my makeshift version.

As the pieces of paper were burning and the smoke was rising into the air, I set my intention to sever the cord once and for all. That’s when I heard the shell crack. When it was done and all I had left were ashes, I glanced over to my right and I saw a small white feather. A sign that I was on the right track.

Afterwards, I took the ashes and buried it in the ground. Fortunately for me it’s been a mild winter here. I used the shell to cover the ashes up with the dirt and it broke into a bunch of pieces. A sign that this mission was completed.

Normally I like to do cord cutting rituals at the Full Moon but the timing felt right as we’re still in the New Moon energy. By releasing myself from this cord, I am now able to move forward unencumbered.

Typically with any cord cutting ritual, the effects can take up to 24 hours. As I just looked at the clock it says 3:21…blastoff🚀. Considering that this energy is super pumped for getting us to our new beginnings, the timing was impeccable.

With any cord cutting rituals, whether you summon in Archangel Michael, try ones that I have previously listed or the one above, you must remember that it’s all about your intent. What do you intend to have happen? Are you sure you want to sever the ties once and for all? Be crystal clear with your intentions otherwise it won’t work. Or it may work temporarily but then you’ll have to keep doing it.

Also make sure it’s all about what you want. You want the connection to be done and over with. But you cannot under any circumstances impede on the will of the person on the other end of that cord. Tell the Universe that you simply want the connection severed and that you only wish the other person peace, love, joy and happiness in their life. Also add, “Thank you for the lesson but our journey together is now complete. This is goodbye.” And so it is.

There is no need to take any further steps. Simply trust that your guides and Angels have taken care of this for you and get some rest. It would be great if you can follow up any cord cutting ritual with an epsom salt bath or a soak in a natural water source like a lake or the ocean. And be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards.

Sometimes we must do cord cuttings at regular intervals, perhaps once a month. But if it’s not part of our routine then we’ll forget until we realize that someone is bogging us down.

It is highly possible to actually see the cord between the two of you. It may be a certain color. The color can represent the type of connection that you have. Black is strictly fear based. I’ve seen green cords between “student teacher” relationships.

But regardless of the color, a cord is still a cord with one exception. We carry a cord filled with light that connects us to Source. That is not a cord you can cut…not even accidentally so don’t worry about that. If you close your eyes, you can see this cord traveling within your core. Here’s a visual exercise to access the light within.

The cords I’m talking about exist between two people…you and someone else. They are often put in place because they are based on fear and other times karma. Cords drag us down. While they do play a role, at some point they must be cut in order to set ourselves free both energetically and spiritually.

Cords are not something we want hanging around as we enter the New Earth. We want to be able to go forward in peace without the will of others attempting to force us in a direction that is not of our highest and best good.

So if you’re reading this and nodding your head saying that you need to do this…by all means go for it. If this method doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to try these other cord cutting rituals as well. Or start with one process and simply allow your intuition to guide you.

These are rituals that have worked for me. You are not obliged to follow them verbatim. It’s a starting point. So pick one that resonates with you and tweak it according to your own needs. Then trust in the process and allow it to work for you. 🙏💜🌟

Photo courtesy of Tom on Pixabay.

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  1. What you’ve described here is exactly what I do in my shamanic rituals. It’s all about intention, surrender, trust and faith. This is so incredibly powerful. I will pull cards in the AM and write my surrenders and intentions from there. Then I burn it baby 🔥 while chanting, playing my rattles and end with my finger cymbals. It’s always so freeing and releasing. Great information my love🧡

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