What to Expect for February 8-14, 2021

I’ve been sticking with the Queen of the Moon Oracle Deck because of its incredible power and accuracy. And because I just love these cards. 🤩

So this week I posed my question like this:

What can we expect for the beginning of the week:
Long Night Moon

Middle of the week:
Full Moon

End of the week into the weekend:
Waxing Gibbous 4

The first thing I notice are the stars on each card. They start off not so bright but we see them as being outside of us. Until we realize that we really hold all of those stars within us. Clearly a theme going forward.

This week the DARKNESS card is showing up precisely at the time when we have a completely dark sky as we head towards the New Moon on Thursday. There are usually about three days around the New Moon where we can’t actually see it. Which begs to ask the question…what can we see?

We can see the vastness of the Universe. We can see the stars in the sky. Yet even though we can’t see the moon, we can still “see”. The path is still illuminated just in a different way. We may need to use something other than our eyes to get our questions answered. Perhaps it’s an inner knowing, a feeling or a thought that crosses our minds.

This actually continues the message from last week about resting, to take a step and then ponder our next step. Right now, we may actually be waiting to make our next move. This is likely due to the current energy leading up to the New Moon that is forcing us to see our shadows, to see something we hadn’t seen before, to see what might actually stand in our way of moving forward.

This is a time where we get to go within and see if where we are heading is right for us. To see what fears are coming up with the steps we’ve already taken. Which is why we must take our time and enjoy the journey.

Sometimes we have to stop and see what the darkness is showing us. To see what may be hidden. And to be okay with that we cannot actually see knowing that all is well.

Let’s face it, when we stand on top of a hill during this time and we look up at the night sky, what do we see? A pretty big Universe that goes well beyond what our eyes can see. And then we appreciate all that we have in that moment. But we first must look at the things that are in our way of moving forward. The things that we do to sabotage ourselves. Or the things that we do that aren’t exactly healthy.

After spending some time going within, we will be able to harness our POWER and throw our sparkle into the world. We will be able to own our next step fully as the New Moon on the 11th will help steer us into perhaps something very new as we now have new insight and knowledge.

This is a time where we can create magic and draw magic to us. A time where anything can happen. A time where we can really shine our lights on this world, like the stars in the sky, and be who we came here to be.

As we head into the weekend, we are reminded that we must “feed” or nourish ourselves first and foremost. We must decide that we are the only ones that can change our situation.

We are in control of our next steps and we have the power to go forward and get whatever it is that we need or want in our lives. It is our WILL and determination that leads us to success.

We literally carry a galaxy of information within us. We have Angels and guides that assist us along the way. But we need to tap into our stars within in order to know what it is that we truly want. And then we can take action steps towards those goals.

In summary

The time that we spend reflecting on our true desires right now and facing whatever is showing itself in the DARKNESS, will ultimately show us that we really do have the POWER to change our lives. We have the WILL and determination to be able to make magic happen. But only we can do that, no one else can. And it starts with us. Nourish ourselves by nourishing our soul. The New Moon will simply give us the necessary push to take steps that are aligned with our purpose.

So we must take off the mask and quit hiding our true selves. It serves no purpose other than to keep us small. Be brave and courageous. As only then are we able to harness our power and use our will to create wonderful, amazing and magical things.

Have a great week everyone!! And Happy Valentine’s Day!! 💗🥰

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One comment

  1. YES!!! Pull off the mask to reveal the uniquely magical beings we are. It’s an inside job that we must release and allow to shine outwardly for others. I too pulled similar messages that layer yours my dear. Divine timing with the New Moon, the Universe is always flowing so timely✨🥰🌠
    Our continued embodiment of these truths, growing love and acceptance never ceases to leave me in awe. Traveling this path with you is such a blessing. So much love❤❤❤

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