Weight gain and the “birthing” of the new

Lately our sleep has been filled with vivid dreams. The energy has not been so kind to us. It’s been downright exhausting with continuous ringing in the left ear. So we could be feeling this energy as being completely flat out and exhausted or we could be feeling like the Energizer Bunny or even a combination of both.

However, we need to discuss the weight gain in the last few months. I’ve easily put on 10-15 pounds. So while the weight does help us absorb the energy, it helps us to stay grounded because it acts as a buffer so that we don’t get “fried” by it. Yet there’s also the connection to the birthing process.

When we’re pregnant, we gain weight as the baby grows. We naturally eat more because we’re essentially eating for two. The baby needs to get nourishment while he/she grows inside the womb. There’s also a dramatic shift in the hormones to help keep the process going successfully.

As I mentioned in my post The Energy of January 31st, we are getting ready to “birth” something very new. We’ve been “in labor” since the end of January and it’s not been fun. Matter of fact it’s been very painful. We’ve had to look at some things we didn’t want to. We saw some truths about ourselves, others and from out in the world.

We’ve taken in downloads of all kinds from the Universe from light to personal upgrades and enhancements. All the while battling the darkness that continues to try to knock us down every single day. So now that really puts the 10-15+ pound weight gain into perspective.

And as with any birth, that weight will magically start to fall off once the “baby” is born and our hormones neutralize again. Let’s face it, birthing a baby is a bit of a shock to the system. For me, when I had my son, my whole body broke out into hives as my body reacted to the entire process. So it stands to reason that our bodies may suddenly get disrupted as the new is born.

It’s highly possible that our bodies have become super sensitive at this time too. We may have to change what we’re eating, even if it’s temporarily. We may react more to things like food, sounds, scents and other’s energies. We may get overwhelmed more easily. Think of the woman who says, “I’m never having sex again” as she pushes through the contractions. She’s in a much different state of mind as her body reacts to the pushing/delivery process.

We may need to take more naps or find ourselves sleeping better or worse. We may experience headaches and body aches. We may suffer more indigestion. We may have cravings for specific foods. We may feel depressed, then happy, then sad. When hormones fluctuate they cause all kinds of feelings and emotions to surface. Expect the unexpected. This is where we are.**

This is the birthing process. A place where each contraction brings us closer to the “baby” being born. And once we reach the final push that delivers our “baby”, we will then be able to see quite clearly from our very new perspectives.

I had pulled these cards from The Quantum Oracle Deck, which had confirmed all of this with the New Beginnings card. Here you can see the light pouring out of the “baby”. My sense is that between now and the end of March, fingers crossed, we should start to see exactly what we’re giving “birth” to.

So rest as much as you can during this time and take action only when you feel compelled to do so. We don’t need to understand everything, but we do need to remember that this push is happening for everyone no matter what level or frequency they are on. Hang in there because “the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades” – Timbuk 3. 😎

**If you are experiencing any symptoms for a prolonged period of time, please seek out assistance with a professional.

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  1. I love the quote at the end and I often say, if others don’t like my shine, put on some sunglasses 😎 Yes, we are certainly birthing a new beginning for ourselves and as a collective. This deck is beautiful and I definitely want a reading when you’re feeling up to it sis. Today I forced myself to take it easy which as you know is a challenge for me. After the breathwork ceremony last night I was able to melt into that medicine and into sound sleep that carried me through my day. On point as always my dear one, love you so much 🥰🥰🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. For someone that is always on the go, yes, I know how challenging sitting still is for you 😉 That quite literally just popped into my head so I went with it. I often get song lyrics here and there to get a message out. Definitely getting closer to that new beginning. 💗

      Liked by 1 person

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