What to expect for February 15 – 21, 2021

For the coming week, I’ve pulled the following cards from the Queen of the Moon Oracle Deck:

The Void

What are we so afraid of? What could possibly happen that could make us so scared to take our next steps? We carry a light within us but we can shine that light outside of us. And perhaps that’s what really makes us nervous is having to show others who we are inside. That’s the true FEAR. So because of that we may have all these ideas floating around our heads saying that we’re not good enough or we’re not worthy enough, etc. But that’s simply just our ego. Our mind is attempting to control the situation when it really can’t be controlled at this point. Especially when we know who we are.

So let’s move past that fear and simply start to take ACTION towards our goals and our dreams. It’s time to step out of the womb and show the world who we are. It’s time to give “birth” to our true selves and to stop worrying about what other people think, say or do.

As we take our steps forward we need to make sure that we take a rest. I know this sounds odd but when we take action steps to move forward in our lives, it’s important that we take time to stop and process the steps that we’re taking. This is so that we don’t go too fast and so that we don’t miss anything. But it’s also for us to achieve balance with what we’re doing. This allows us time to know what our next steps will be. This period of time is called THE VOID. The void is often used in reference to the Moon cycle.

You see when the moon is “void of course” astrologers will tell you that it is a time when you should not take any action. It’s a time where the moon is moving from one sign into the next. The moon is kind of neither here nor there. So the energy of this time is typically not conducive to taking action.

Now once we get into the void we will have a REALISATION. We may see something we hadn’t seen before which is why it’s important that we rest after we take a step. What we once saw as something being in darkness may suddenly shed new light. We may find a new perspective or even a new way to do something. This is an opportunity for us to heal and grow even more.

This brings us to ATTRACTION. What we need we will attract. We can attract so many great things to ourselves from loving relationships to healthy lifestyles to divine creativity to unlimited abundance. Really the sky is the limit but we are the only ones that limit our ability to attract the things that we need.

Let’s think about how vast this Universe really is and how we can be provided for in ways that we may never have thought possible. So it’s important that we realize that there is a much bigger Source that we can tap into if we simply allow it to flow to us without attaching the how, when and where to it. The Universe provides in a way that we are open to. So we must open ourselves up by focusing on our true needs because we want to attract new things/experiences into our lives.

There is so much GROWTH to be had this week as we let go of our fears, take action steps, rest in between and realize that we have the power to change the direction our lives go in. We have the ability to manifest what we want.

Let’s face it, we planted the seeds quite a while ago. Those seeds turned into new roots. Those roots have grown out of the soil and a tree began to blossom.

We may find that we’ll have to stop and water it, perhaps we’ll need to talk to it or hug it every so often or sit underneath it to get some shade. We’ll also have growing pains which is why it’s so important to take breaks as we go along instead of going full throttle…even though we want to.

We must learn to enjoy the process, enjoy the growth we’re seeing as we begin to transform our lives. So go ahead…take that next step…don’t allow fear to stand in your way anymore. It’s time to shine!! This is what we are “birthing”…our true selves. πŸ€—πŸ’—

Have an amazing week!! πŸ’œπŸŒŸ

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  1. Yes! Little buds of promises sprouting, reaching out towards the sunlight to grow and become what they are meant to. It’s a beautiful thing. Birthing also hurts too and today I’m leaning into that stage, resting and choosing non action. Each stage as you mentioned is intricately vital to the process. I really love this moon deck and as always your words to matchπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸŒ›πŸŒšπŸŒ˜

    Liked by 1 person

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