We gave “birth”…

For so many of us, we “birthed” our new selves over the weekend. I saw this in my vision on the 13th while I was out walking as a beautiful orb of white light appeared directly in front of me.

As I took my next step, I literally walked into and through this light portal effortlessly as if I were walking into a brand new place. On the other side of this light, I was greeted by Jesus, he is one of my guides. He took my hands and welcomed me and we had a wonderful conversation about my journey. And I continued on my walk.

Since then I was filled with high energy and new ideas. Today was the crash as the body begins to process everything that just occurred. It’s that euphoric feeling once the “baby” is delivered and the realization that your body needs to rest after all of that pushing and physical exertion. Ahem – taking in light and processing the numerous downloads and upgrades over recent weeks.

On the other side of this light portal, something or everything has drastically changed. Things are still shifting so we need to give it a little time for everything to land. But I’ve noticed a complete 360 in so much…for example, like how my diet needs to look now. I’m noticing old ways that I’ve resorted to no longer work. Foods that used to heal don’t anymore or certain foods don’t nourish me as they used to. My body is reacting negatively to old methods. Yet my psychic abilities have increased, some projects have changed and other things are finalizing for closure.

So if you felt super energized the last couple of days and are now completely exhausted, this would be why. I also noticed a lot of people only experienced the fatigue part. “Birthing” the new can have extremely opposite side effects from one person to the next.

You may have had high energy for an hour or two, and then was flat out exhausted afterwards. Think about this…when a baby is born, everyone is so excited to see him or her. You count their fingers and toes and hold them for the very first time after carrying them inside for nine months.

The anticipation of what was to come has now arrived. The wait is finally over. We’re excited, happy and full of joy. Then suddenly, we crash. The hormones are trying to recover and the body needs time to rest and heal after all of that hard work. We may sleep for a few hours, be up and excited for a few hours and then lethargic once again. This will be with us for a little while as we get used to our new “babies”.

So much may start to feel different and look different because it is different. We are brand new beings because we’ve birthed new light into our beings. We’ve all been effected by this “birthing” process in one way or another. It’s advanced us to the next level to some degree.

Remember not everyone arrives at the same level or frequency at the same time. But we do step up to whatever our next level actually is. Even if you didn’t see it or feel it, you likely received some version of this light activation. Because of this we may now find ourselves quickly tying up loose ends as we make room for the new.

This can also feel like we are straddling two very different worlds…the old and the new. Simply allow it to play out as it needs to. For now, rest as best as you can as the body is quite fatigued. And don’t forget to enjoy the journey. One chapter has closed and a brand new one has begun. Big hugs from all of the Angels watching over us. We’ve worked hard and wonderful new things are happening for us now. 🙏😇💗

Photo courtesy of Marc Noorman on Unsplash.

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  1. Yes 🎉❤ 💃💯 I too, as you know, have experienced all of it. The exuberance of high energy to the crash of fatigue. You had the orb of light experience and I performed surgery on my 3rd eye. We both grew psychically and now is our rest period. This experience is definitely reminding me of what it was like after I had both my boys. For the past 3 days now, I have napped in the middle of the day. In the past I would push myself and ignore these urges to sleep. Now I welcome them and know they are preparing my being for something wonderful 🥰
    It’s always so reassuring and comforting to be on this wild ride with you sis🤗

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