What to expect for March 1-7, 2021

Using the Queen of the Moon Oracle here is a look at the week ahead…


How wonderful that we start a brand new month with the BEGINNINGS card. How appropriate considering that here in the northern hemisphere we are starting to transition from winter into spring.

March is typically a month of renewed hope. A time where we dream about the leaves budding on the trees, the grass growing and the warmth of the sun. It’s a time where we come out of hibernation and start to plant our seeds for new adventures.

And as we start the month we are also just coming off of the Full Moon energies from the weekend. But we can see our dreams. We can see a new doorway that is calling us to enter it. There’s a choice to be made here…stay where we are or venture somewhere new. Is the grass really greener on the other side? We certainly won’t know unless we step foot there to find out.

Of course a big part of stepping into something new is having the ability to trust that where we are being guided to is in our highest and best good. We simply can’t stay in our bubbles any longer. We must crack open the egg and take a step outside of our comfort zone if we want to things to change.

We must recognize that we are sovereign beings. We are powerful in our own ways. We are given a crown to wear so we must take charge of our lives because we are masters now. If someone or something isn’t serving us then we must stand strong and say no more. We rule our worlds and our domains. Who and what we allow in is our choice.

Just know that as much as we may want to stay in our little safe havens, we must step out of the nest knowing that we are protected in all ways. There are those that have gone before us to show us how it’s done. Now let’s show the next generation of light beings how we step out of our comfort zones, how we take action in our lives, how we flourish and prosper.

Ultimately the choice is always ours to make but if we’ve been wanting, asking, begging and pleading for a new beginning…it’s here. Trust in this process. Know that we are fully empowered to take this step as we’re being watched over. It’s time to let go of the fears and surrender to the path that is being shown to us. It’s time to let our true selves out for all the world to see. We are safe, loved and protected. This IS our new beginning and it’s time to make some plans.

Have a beautiful week!! πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒ»

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  1. Like the baby chick cracking free from its egg in Spring time, we are coming out of our shells of hibernation and taking our first steps into our new beginnings ✨ πŸ™Œ YES…..wobbly at first but getting stronger with each step. Here’s to a glorious first week of March sis πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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