A new normal but is it really new?

Over the last year I have noticed this trend of going back to doing things the way they used to be. This speaks volumes for family time.

For instance, when Walmart announced that they had decided to close their stores for Thanksgiving Day stating that their employees deserved the day off for stepping up during the pandemic. Now others had followed suit.

Schools would be opening two weeks later than usual. Back when I was a kid school didn’t start until after Labor Day. When did going back to school in August become the norm?

Lots of companies had decided to allow their employees to work from home indefinitely or at the very least until sometime in 2021. Obviously not all companies can do this but the ones that can…are.

Something Americans have been used to is working ridiculously long hours, not taking vacation time and for putting the job first. There’s this “we’re available 24/7” mentality. This comes from programming and generational conditioning and a need or desire to be the best.

Perhaps the pandemic had many people rethinking their priorities. We may say that family comes first but now we’re in a unique position to put not only our families first but ourselves as well. We can begin to negotiate the terms of our lives. This is a very important step for humanity.

Greed has been at the forefront for a very long time. It has been at the core of many decisions. It has been the motivating factor behind business plans. And the truth is…it can no longer be this way. I also see all of this as a major shift that will reset the priorities of how businesses operate in the future.

You can’t have a business based solely on making money. Yes, you want to earn a good amount of money to sustain the business, pay the employees and to pay yourself. But it should be run on the principle that you love what you do because you’re providing a needed service. A service that benefits more than just the company. A business that’s sustainable in the long term…a recurring theme from 2020 and beyond.

When a person starts a business it’s because they have passion and purpose for something. If you start it based on how much money you’re going to make, you won’t last long in the years ahead. Why?

Because people can see through it now. They can tell the difference between someone who is passionate about what they do versus someone that’s in it strictly for the money. It’s a feeling you get. People want to put their money into places that they feel welcomed and appreciated.

Perhaps you think that you can’t compete with the big box stores…but you can. Offer more than just a product, offer a valuable service. Treat your customers like friends and family. Provide exceptional customer service. Let your customers know that they matter because this is where your bread and butter will come from in the long run.

This is what you were put here for…to bring balance to an unbalanced world. So go live your dreams, take steps that make you happy, enjoy the passion you feel when you fulfill your purpose. Because when the day comes for you to go “home” make sure you’ve left your mark on this world. Make sure you did all that you wanted to do. Make sure you gave all you could from your heart with love. Because then you can go in peace knowing that you lived your life exactly as you wanted to.

Covid19 is more than just a virus…it’s a crucial turning point for humanity. It’s showing people that this world is supposed to be about love and family first, whatever you consider family. Life is supposed to be happy and full of joy. You’re supposed to have peace at your core. This is what’s “normal”.

Photo courtesy of James Besser on Unsplash.

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  1. A major reset, a reprioritzing of life is what this past year has taught me. Being in right relationship with myself, allowing the societal conditioning to fall away. Living life on my terms, not just what our culture dictates. Taking time. This post sings peace and harmony sister. Our new normal is a place where each one of us not only expresses our truths, but genuinely lives them out loud. This is my prayer and intention for us all. Truly beautiful, thank you for this one❤✨👏

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