The void…

Yesterday I stepped into this house that had been completely gutted. The sheetrock was gone, there was no insulation and it was down to the studs. There was no kitchen. You could see through the floor in some spots. The only thing that was exposed was the wiring.

This happened because a water pipe had burst which caused extensive damage. Now the house needs a lot of work and time to rebuild the interior.

This is reminiscent to how we may be feeling prior to our new beginnings. We may feel like we’ve been gutted. It feels empty and confusing because we have to rebuild. We’re starting with a clean slate.

The great news is that we get to choose how this house turns out. Do we want it to be an income producing property with multiple units? Or do we want to expand it and make it a single family?

How does our next chapter look? We may be assessing our next steps. We may be figuring out what paint colors will look good, what light fixtures to use, what appliances we need and what windows to replace. We may be contemplating what’s suitable to meet our needs now. We may be seeing too many options and decide to step back to review for a bit. Maybe we need some new blueprints. We definitely need to feel our way through before we have to pull permits to build.

Once we start to build we’ll need to have it inspected to make sure the foundation is solid and the building and materials used are up to code. We’ll need to make sure the fuse box can handle the load, that the wiring has been replaced because it needs to accommodate the electricity that will be used.

Just like the body, it is getting all new wiring to accommodate the higher frequencies because that’s what we’re plugging into. Our vessels need new things to push forward so they may require a change in what we eat, how we think, how much sleep we get and so on. We may be more tired and sleep more to help acclimate to our new “systems”.

It may feel confusing because we’re in that in between phase where previous chapters have closed but the new hasn’t exactly happened yet. But it will and when it does we’ll be happy that we had this down time because it will be full speed ahead. We need to conserve our energy and all of our resources temporarily while we are rewired for the New Earth frequencies.

My suggestion is to continue with our grounding practices, meditations, exercise and get outside in nature. Practice self-care during this time and instinctively follow an eating regime that is calling you. You may feel the need to eat lighter or the opposite in order to ground yourself. Whatever your body is drawn to is what you need right now.

This unknown zone, the void, that we find ourselves in won’t last for very long. Simply enjoy it knowing that it’s the respite before the new starts showing up. Surrender to the process and trust that the new will unfold in right timing. Yet even though it feels like things are impossible at the moment, know that this too serves a purpose. We must rest before we begin our new adventures.

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay.

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  1. I’ve this analogy sis❤ Yes indeed, death and rebirth cycles are a gutting and cleaning out for a firmer built foundation to be made in love and light. Sure it’s scary and feels strange, the unknown is just that….unknown. I have all the faith that your next chapter will be so blindingly 🌞 EPIC💃🔥🙌🥰✨🌠❤


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