What to Expect for the week of March 21 – 27, 2021

Hi there! I apologize for not posting the “What to Expect” last week as I went on a much needed mini vacation. I decided to unplug from electronics and social media and to just be.

It was quite appropriate that I traveled on the day we set our clocks ahead…leap forward. What I found was that a massive healing wave set in. There were things unresolved in my own life and I could just feel the healing that occurred. With healing comes inner peace and love. So we’re really working with these themes now.

Using The Light Seer’s Tarot here’s what we can expect for the week ahead…

Knight of Pentacles
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Chariot

Let’s first take note of the horses that we start and end the week with. We might find ourselves assessing our situations especially since we’re likely brimming with new ideas. Yet we are moving forward rather cautiously the beginning of the week.

I’ve mentioned this on social media, it’s likely that we will start off rather slowly with our new beginnings, then move forward rather quickly, then things will even out. Think of it like this…you’re sitting on an airplane at the gate. You’re excited because you’re going away on vacation. The plane starts to back out of the gate, then slowly moves down the runway into position. Next the plane starts to move full speed ahead so it can gain enough speed to get off the ground. Now you’re reaching altitudes of 10-20,000 feet in the air and then you reach 30,000 feet where the plane finally levels out and hits a nice cruising speed…until it’s time to land. It’s the same thing that we’re facing going forward.

The interesting part is that once we hit the right “altitude”, we reach a point of enlightenment. A pinnacle if you will. Definitely a paradigm shift is ushered in through this Spring Equinox. We’re seeing our purpose, our calling and are being called into service.

This may require us to seek out new training, or it can introduce us to new people or teachers to assist us with our missions. We can also be the teachers for others.

Yet the possibility exists that we can also meet someone that we connect to but we must decide…are we in it or are we not? Will we shift into this relationship allowing the magic to flow? Can we remain true to ourselves while being open and vulnerable to someone else? Can we trust the process while this new union starts to unfold?

We have the potential to have successful outcomes this week. Either way, choices need to be made because this is it! Make some plans, forge ahead, take action steps and be confident in your decision making skills. If you’re unsure of where you’re headed, simply take a mindful step forward and see how it feels. Don’t just go haphazardly, do it with intention to reach your goals.

“Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you’ll be walking ‘cross the floor. Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you’ll be walking out the door.” Song by Keenan Wynn and Mickey Rooney

As I look at these cards, I literally see the momentum building towards midweek. Perhaps we’ll experience some Aha moments as well. This can bring in someone new rather suddenly. Could be a deeper connection, a friend, a new guide, a teacher a new love interest or a new way to love ourselves.

By the time the weekend comes, we should be full speed ahead. If not, we should be pretty darn close. Welcome the new entering now. We’ve asked for it and it’s here. The question is…will we step into our roles? Will we trust that all is as it should be? Will we let go of the fears knowing that we will finally be successful? The choice is ours to make. We can do this…trust in that. Trust that we are guided and watched over very lovingly.

We must give those projects our all. We must fall in love with who we are and who we’re suddenly morphing into. Trust that this is what we’re meant to be doing. There is a lot of creative energy available. And there’s plenty of passion too. Just look at the colors jumping out of the cards…red, pink and purple. It’s go time…nothing holding us back now. It’s time to step up into our roles and to just go for it.

Have a wonderful week!!πŸŒ·πŸŒΌπŸŒ»πŸŒ³πŸ’—

Copyright Β© 2021 Dorrina Russell and missdorrina.com. All rights reserved. You are welcome to share this content with others as you feel guided to do so. All that is asked is that you keep the integrity of this article in tact by including the author’s name and a working link back to the original source of this website.


  1. After reading this and our conversation tonight, all I have to say is buckle up and God speed πŸŒ πŸ™πŸ€£πŸ’— By the time tbe full moon hits us, I’ll be howling πŸ”₯🌚 unleashing this wild fire!!

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